Is the 4AFE a good engine?

Is the 4AFE a good engine?

Is The 4Afe Engine Good? fuel economy, it is a pretty good engine. Performance and power are taken into account when designing the cylinder head in order to maximize efficiency. Fuel efficiency falls on the other he and there is a cylinder head used to achieve performance & power.

What cars have 4AFE engine?


  • AT171 Carina II 1987–1992 (Europe only)
  • AE92/95 Corolla 1987–1992 (excluding Japan)
  • AE95 Corolla 1988–1989 (Japan only)
  • AE101 Corolla 1992–1998 (Asia, Africa & Latin-America)
  • AE111 Corolla 1997–2001 (Asia, Africa & Latin-America)
  • AT171/177 Corona 1987–1992 (excluding Japan)
  • AE95 Sprinter 1988–1989 (Japan only)

Which Toyota engine is most reliable?

Some of the best Toyota engines

  • The 2JZ-GTE. The 2JZ-GTE is the Toyota Supra’s famous turbocharged inline 6-cylinder.
  • The 22R-E. The 22R-E helped solidify Toyota’s reputation for building tough, reliable trucks.
  • The 4U-GSE.
  • The T Engine Series.
  • 1GD-FTVFhall.

Why do Toyota engines last so long?

Toyota vehicles have exceptional longevity and some of the most reliable engines in the industry. This is due to the company’s meticulous approach to design and production. The quality management systems ensure any defects are detected and eliminated before the vehicle is sold to the customer.

Can you turbo a 4afe engine?

With a good kit you could really start to open the 4afe up, you would need turbo, manifold, intercooler, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, injectors, and I would recommend water injection, and then some way to tune that isnt a SAFC or SAFC2. The tuning is key to keeping a small displacement NA-t engine alive.

Is 4afe single cam?

First, both the 4A-FE and 4A-GE are twin cam, 16-valve (4 valves per cylinder) engines. Both have a 1.6 liter displacement. A transmission used on one engine will bolt up to the other engine (if this is what you want to do).

How long can Toyota engine last?

Toyota engines are estimated to last from 250,000 to 300,000 miles per year on average. It is recommended that your Toyota engine lasts for 16 to 20 years before it starts to wear out in some cases.

What are the parts for a Toyota 4afe?

toyota 4afe parts Saiding Engine Part 19030-16140 Ignition Distributor For Corolla 4AFE WHOLESALE AUTO ACCESSORIES STAINLESS STEEL 4-2-1 HEADER EXHAUST/MANIFOLD FOR 93-97 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.6 l4 4AFE 7AFE Ignition Distributor for TOYOTA AE100 5AFE 19020-15180 029020-1403

What kind of engine does a Toyota 4A-F have?

Toyota 4A-F and 7A-FE engines: details and photos. The 4A engine series was a 1587 cc (1.6 liter) engine, introduced in 1988, and revised to 4A-FE in 1993; it was mainly used in the Corolla, and was replaced by the ZZ series in the 1998s.

How many valves are in a 4A FE engine?

EM–1 DESCRIPTION (4A–FE) The 4A–FE engine is an in–line, 4–cylinder, 1.6 liter DOHC 16–valve engine. ENGINE MECHANICAL – Description (4A–FE)

Do you offer genuine Toyota engine control modules?

We offer a full selection of genuine Toyota Engine Control Modules, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Engine Control Computer results by selecting the vehicle.