Is there a live telescope?

Is there a live telescope?

While this online telescope doesn’t offer “live” views, the WorldWide Telescope (WWT) will allow your computer to act as a virtual telescope by displaying images from the foremost ground and space-based telescopes.

Can I control a telescope online?

A remote astronomical telescope can be controlled off-site by an observer over the Internet, and is housed in an observatory with an automated system for opening and closing the roof. All systems are mechanical and controlled by computer.

Which telescopes are currently active?

Visible light

Name Space agency Location
Hubble Space Telescope NASA & ESA Earth orbit (586.47–610.44 km)
MOST CSA Earth orbit (819–832 km)
Swift Gamma Ray Burst Explorer NASA Earth orbit (585–604 km)
COROT CNES & ESA Earth orbit (872–884 km)

Is the Hubble telescope still active?

Hubble has been operating now for over 31 years, collecting ground-breaking science observations that have changed our fundamental understanding of the universe.

Where is Hubble now?

Launched on April 24, 1990, aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery, Hubble is currently located about 340 miles (547 km) above Earth’s surface, where it completes 15 orbits per day — approximately one every 95 minutes.

Can I see Hubble from Earth?

Importance of a launch site Hubble is best seen from areas of the Earth that are between the latitudes of 28.5 degrees north and 28.5 degrees south. This is because Hubble’s orbit is inclined to the equator at 28.5 degrees.

Can you rent time on a telescope?

You can go live to any available telescope, make a reservation to go live at some later time, or submit a plan that will execute automatically at a specific time in the future. The user always controls the schedule for the imaging session.

Can I use NASA telescope?

Unlike on many previous NASA space science missions, anyone can apply for observing time on the Hubble Space Telescope. The application process is open to worldwide competition without restrictions on nationality or academic affiliation.

Where is the best place to put a telescope on Earth?

Antarctica Is the Best Place On Earth for a Telescope, Is Also the Hardest Place to Put a Telescope. Twinkling stars might make for spectacular viewing on a hot summer’s night, but they are an absolute nightmare to astronomers.

Can you see the Hubble from Earth?

How do I view a live video stream from the telescope?

Viewers to the Liverpool Telescope website can view a live video stream from the telescope by clicking on the link below. View Liverpool Telescope webcam. Here you can find live telescope webcams and other astronomy related telescopes.

What can telescope live do for You?

Whether you’re an expert imager or just getting started, Telescope Live provides resources to observe, learn, share, and connect with other astrophotographers globally that will increase both your observing and post-processing skills.

Where can I view a telescope online?

Micro Observatory is another collection of online telescopes you can view and control over the Internet. Registration is required and then you can put an image request in the queue. No need to buy an expensive telescope here! Select telescopes from around the world via a map.

Are there any telescope webcams in Australia?

This telescope webcam is located in Sydney, Australia. It is a a PTZ webcam but appears to only let you view the observatory and not view through the telescope. Ah well. Here are a few webcams located at SOAR Observatory – The Southern Astrophysical Research Telescope located in Chile. Includes outside view, inside, Cerro Tololo and more.