Is Weinstein company still making movies?

Is Weinstein company still making movies?

The Weinstein Company (usually credited or abbreviated as TWC) was an American independent film studio, founded in New York City by Bob and Harvey Weinstein on March 10, 2005….The Weinstein Company.

Type Private
Founded March 10, 2005
Founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein
Defunct July 16, 2018
Fate Chapter 11 bankruptcy

What movies did Weinstein work on?

He and his brother, Bob Weinstein, co-founded the entertainment company Miramax, which produced successful independent films including Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989); The Crying Game (1992); Pulp Fiction (1994); Heavenly Creatures (1994); Flirting with Disaster (1996); and Shakespeare in Love (1998).

How many movies has the Weinstein Company made?

145 movie releases
The Weinstein Company has 145 movie releases in the completed production status.

Who owns the Weinstein Company now?

Lantern Capital Partners
In July of 2018, Andy Mitchell, CEO of Lantern Capital Partners––who’d previous prospered in such workouts as Southern California Edison and GMAC during the financial crisis, as well as reviving a zinc recycler, a school supplies retailer and a notorious seller of timeshares––bought the Weinstein Co.’s assets out of …

Is Weinstein in Dirty Dancing?

2000 (approx.) When she was 18, the English actress was summoned to Weinstein’s hotel room at the Savoy in London. Weinstein greeted her in a bathrobe for an otherwise mundane business meeting; she eventually co-starred in “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights,” co-released by Miramax.

Who slept with Harvey for a role?

In a new interview, Charlize Theron has opened up about her experiences with Harvey Weinstein, revealing the disgraced film producer, who has been accused of sexual assault and misconduct by over 80 women, told people that she and Renee Zellweger slept with him to advance their acting careers.

Did Harvey Weinstein produce Halloween movies?

In March 2018, the company declared bankruptcy. In July 2018, the rights to its films were acquired by Lantern Entertainment….2000s.

Release date Title Notes
August 28, 2009 Halloween II produced by Dimension Films
September 11, 2009 A Single Man
October 2, 2009 Capitalism: A Love Story

Who owns The Weinstein Company now?

Was Harvey Weinstein stripped of his Oscar?

In 2017, shortly after sexual assault allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein came to light, the academy released a statement confirming it had voted to expel him from the academy.

Does Harvey Weinstein still have Oscars?

“You know, Harvey Weinstein, there’s no comparison but he still has his Oscars.” Weinstein, who sits in prison now for rape, was expelled from the Academy after sexual assault accusations were filed against him, but the Academy did not strip him of any of his awards.