Is Zerocream good for eczema?

Is Zerocream good for eczema?

An emollient cream with 27% paraffins for the relief of symptoms of flaking, dry skin, ichthyosis, dermatitis, dry stage of eczema & dry cases of psoriasis. It can be used as an alternative to soap.

How often can you use Zerocream?

Zerobase cream should be applied regularly. For people who suffer from dry skin conditions, this normally means three to four applications daily. Apply the cream directly to the skin, following the direction of hair growth. Do not apply any other creams, ointments, or gels to the skin until Zerobase has absorbed fully.

Does aqueous cream thin the skin?

Scientists at Bath University found that aqueous cream thinned the skin after a few weeks of use. This, they say, is because it contains a detergent rather than just moisturisers. Another expert said most GPs seemed unaware of official advice not to prescribe the cream as a moisturiser.

Can I use Zerobase as a moisturiser?

What is Zerobase Cream? Zerobase Cream is an emollient that is available on prescription and over-the-counter to help moisturise and soften the skin. It can be applied regularly as a moisturiser as well as being used before bathing to lock in moisture.

How do you use Zeroaqs emollient cream?

Directions: Adults, Elderly, Children: Emollient – Apply to the affected area of skin as required. Adults, Elderly, Children: Cleanser – Apply to the skin using hands or a washcloth, then rinse off. Wash hands after use.

How long does emollient take to work?

Emollients should be applied to the skin in a downward direction of hair growth and left in a thin layer to soak in – this may take 10 minutes.

Can I wash with emollient?

Most emollients can be used as a soap substitute (except white soft paraffin alone). Use the product you have been advised or the one you find works best if specific advice has not been given. To use when washing, put a half to one teaspoonful in the palm of your hand and mix with a small amount of warm water.