What are CAT II minimums?

What are CAT II minimums?

The Cat II ILS has a DH of less than 200 feet, but not less than 100 feet, with visibility minimums of between 1,800 RVR and 1,200 RVR. Use of a Cat II ILS requires certain additional aircraft equipment, ground facilities, and pilot training.

What is required to fly a CAT II ILS approach?

The minimum for ILS approaches to CAT II runways is 100 feet DH/RVR 1200, regardless of published lower minimums. Passengers or property cannot be carried for compensation or hire. The LOA requires an operational check of the ILS equipment within the last 15 flight hours and 15 calendar days before flight.

What is the minimum RVR for Cat II?

f. Implements FAA policy regarding CAT II approach operations with a RVR minimum of 1000 feet to runways, which meet U.S. and ICAO Standards for CAT II equipment, performance, and lighting.

What is a Category II ILS?

Category II ILS Approach (Airport, Aircraft, and Aircrew Certification Required) (Figure 16.1). A Category II ILS approach provides the capability of flying to minima as low as a DH of 100 feet and an RVR of 1200. The DH for a Category II approach is identified by a preselected height on the aircraft radar altimeter.

What is Category II operations?

a. Category II operations involve the airplane owner or operator, the maintenance personnel and facilities, and the flight crews.

What is a Category 2 landing?

“Category II (CAT II) operation” means a precision instrument approach and landing with a. decision height lower than 200 feet (60 meters) but not lower than 100 feet (30 meters) and a. RVR of not less than 350 meters; “Category IIIA (CAT IIIA) operation” means a precision instrument approach and landing with.

What is a Category 2 airplane?

Category II ILS System: An Instrument Landing System (ILS) which provides usable guidance information from the coverage limit of the ILS to the point at which the localizer course line intersects the glide path at a height of 50 feet or less above the horizontal plane containing the ILS runway.