What are different plugins in Cordova?

What are different plugins in Cordova?

A Cordova plugin provides a JavaScript interface to the native components. These plugins consist of various elements that are as follows: Common JavaScript Interface. A manifest file, i.e., xml.

How do I add Cordova plugin to ionic 4?

Cordova Plugins

  1. Include the Ionic Native JavaScript In Your App. First, copy the contents from here: https://unpkg.com/[email protected]/dist/ionic.native.min.js.
  2. Add “ionic.native” as an Angular Module.
  3. Add Some Cordova Plugins to Your App.

How do I write a Cordova plugin?

How to Create a Cordova Plugin from Scratch

  1. Go From 0 to Your OutSystems Mobile App.
  2. Create a CordovaTest Project.
  3. Test Your Empty Cordova Project.
  4. Create a Plugin Project.
  5. Build JavaScript Bindings.
  6. Implement ToastyPlugin for Android.
  7. Taste the Toast.
  8. Clone Template Plugin.

What is a cordova plugin?

Cordova Plugins A plugin is a bit of add-on code that provides JavaScript interface to native components. They allow your app to use native device capabilities beyond what is available to pure web apps.

How do I know my cordova plugin version?

You can use package. json file to check the current version of the cordova plugin.

How do I add cordova plugin to ionic 5?


  1. // Install Cordova plugin.
  2. $ ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera.
  3. // Install Ionic Native TypeScript wrapper.
  4. $ npm install @awesome-cordova-plugins/camera.
  5. // Install Ionic Native core library (once per project)
  6. $ npm install @awesome-cordova-plugins/core.

Is Cordova still supported?

Cordova Android 10.1. 1 was released in September 2021. At the same time, a gap between the latest updates of Cordova and versions of operating systems is still notable — Android 10 is supported by Cordova, but Android 12 has already been released.

How can I learn Cordova?

Open your terminal under Linux / MAC or your command prompt /power shell under Windows and run the following command to install Cordova via NPM:

  1. npm install -g cordova.
  2. sudo npm install -g cordova.
  3. cd into-working-directory.
  4. cordova create app com.techiediaries.hello myApp.
  5. cd app cordova platform add browser.
  6. cordova serve.

How to create a Cordova plugin from scratch?

Creating Plugin. We create plugin using below command.

  • Adding Platform. We will add Android platform using below command.
  • Create package.json. We will create package.json file using below command.
  • Folder Structure. Plugin.xml is one of the most important files here.
  • Role Play of Visual Studio Code.
  • Adding HMS Push Kit.
  • JavaScript API.
  • How to set up Cordova Plugin project with IDE support?

    Create the basic files of your plugin ( plugin.xml file,.java file for Android plugin,.h and .m files for iOS) in a separated folder for your plugin

  • Provide in your plugin.xml what is needed to install the plugin
  • Install your plugin in your Cordova app : cordova plugin add/path/to/pugin
  • Build the platforms you want to develop your plugin.
  • How to add plugin to the Visual Studio Cordova project?

    Open a command prompt or terminal window.

  • Change directories to the root of your Cordova project.
  • Run the following command to add the plugin to your Cordova project:$cordova plugin add
  • Run the following command to build your Cordova project:$cordova build
  • How to write Cordova plugins?

    Sample: Create Files and Directories,Write,Read,and Append files. The File plugin allows you to do things like store files in a temporary or persistent storage location for your

  • Write to a file.
  • Read a file.
  • Append a file using alternative methods.