What are Houdan chickens good for?

What are Houdan chickens good for?

In the past, Houdan chickens were used as a profitable multi-purpose bird. Today, although they work well as both a meat and egg laying chicken, this chicken breed is largely used for showing. Many chicken enthusiasts keep them as ornamental birds or pets, but they are sometimes kept in barnyard or backyard flocks.

How big is the Houdan chicken?

5.5 – 6 lbsMale
4.4 – 5.5 lbsFemale
Houdan chicken/Mass

What is the difference between Houdan and polish?

Houdans are another froofy French breed, just like their cousins the Crevecoeurs. They’re also related to the Polish breed of chicken. Just like Polish and Crevecoeurs, Houdans are crested with fluffy ‘dos and have a V-shaped comb. Houdans are unique, however, in having 5 toes and a beard.

What does a Houdan chicken look like?

Mottled white on a black background, Houdan chickens have both beards and crests and make a distinctive impression. They have five toes on each foot, with legs and feet mottled black on white. They’re medium-sized with a long, compact, and well-proportioned body.

How can you tell a houdan rooster?

make it very easy to identify this chicken breed, even when chicks. Houdan chickens have small V-shaped comb which is red and rests against the crest. They have white earlobes which are hidden beneath the beard and crest. Their wattles are also of red color like the comb.

How long do houdan chickens live?

7-8 years
Houdan are extremely docile in nature and like to be handled especially if they have been raised from young. Hens make the best pets and will live 7-8 years.

How long do Houdan chickens live?

What color eggs do Houdan chickens lay?

Houdan chicken is an old breed which is known for it’s large white eggs and fine quality meat. It is also known as Poule de Houdan in French, and once known as the Normandy fowl. Houdan chicken originated in France and were known even before 1700.

Are houdan chickens broody?

Houdan hens do tend to go broody and want to hatch their eggs.

What color eggs do houdan chickens lay?


Type: standard
Egg Color: white
Egg Size: medium
Egg Production: better
Disposition: good

How many toes does a Houdan chicken have?

five toes
Houdan. The Faverolle was actually introduced because the popular French breed at the time did not take well to being kept in a cage. That breed was the Houdan, and this old French breed is another that has five toes on each foot.