What are learning networks?

What are learning networks?

Learning Networks are on-line social networks through which users share knowledge with each other and jointly develop new knowledge. This way, Learning Networks may enrich the experience of formal, school-based learning and form a viable setting for professional development.

What is a personal learning network for teachers?

What is a Personal Learning Network (PLN)? PLNs are an essential part of lifelong learning for teachers. A PLN consists of the people you informally learn from and share ideas with, as well as the resources, tools, and materials that support your learning.

What are the benefits of personal learning networks?

The Benefits of Personal Learning Networks A PLN allows you to personalize your learning. You get to choose your topic of focus, whether it’s picking up better technology skills or learning to differentiate instruction for a particular group of students you’re struggling to reach.

What are professional learning networks?

For us, the term Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) represents any group who engages in collaborative learning with others outside of their everyday community of practice; with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for children (Brown & Poortman, 2018).

How do you create a personal learning network?

How to Create Your Own Personalized Learning Network

  1. Be Selective. Know who you’re connecting with before you connect.
  2. Be Thoughtful.
  3. Start on Social Media.
  4. Ask Questions.
  5. Create Your Own Content.
  6. Give Credit.
  7. Remember the WHY.

What is an example of a personal learning network?

It is developed largely through social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogs, helping us form connections, grow our knowledge base and develop ourselves professionally through continual learning. A PLN is further defined by intention.

What is the difference between PLC and PLN?

Your PLN can help you meet your personal and/or professional learning goals. A PLC is where you focus on student learning. Your PLC focuses on a specific problem area of the students in your school.

Is Google classroom a VLE?

Google Classroom was launched by Google for Education in August 2014 as an alternative to other VLE’s, such as Blackboard and Moodle, and is a platform which allows tutors to create and upload online learning resources, and set, collect and grade student assignments.

How do I set up a learning network?

10 Tools & Strategies for Establishing a Productive PLN

  1. Use Diigo, Evernote, Pocket, or Delicious to bookmark links.
  2. Use a reader to subscribe to blogs.
  3. Establish your own platform.
  4. Share on Twitter first.
  5. Consider your role.
  6. Aggregate resources together.
  7. Take a free course to learn about PLNs.

What are some professional networks?

To make choosing easy for you, first know that there are really only 5 primary professional networking sites: LinkedIn, Quora, Plaxo, Viadeo, XING. And of these primary sites, you’ll of course want to be most active where your audience is most receptive, which is often determined where they are physically located.