What are snow bells?

What are snow bells?

The flowers are pendulous white bells with gently flared edges, and green dots mark the tips of the lightly scalloped petals. Snowflake plants are reasonably moisture tolerant, but they also thrive in ordinary garden soil, naturalizing happily in either situation.

Where do Snowbells grow?

How to Grow and Care for Snowdrop Flower

Common Names Snowdrops, common snowdrop. The more poetic “fair maids of February” and “Candlemas bells” both refer to the plant’s emergence in February in some zones.
Bloom Time Early spring
Flower Color White
Hardiness Zones 3 to 7, USA
Native Areas Western Asia and Eastern Europe

Is a snowflake a snowdrop?

Snowdrops are not to be confused with Snowflakes – Leucojum. The Snowflake is a much taller growing bulb which normally has more than one flower per stem. Snowflake petals are even, each with a green spots on the end, whereas Snowdrops have helicopter-like propellers that are green only on the inner petals.

Can I plant snowdrops in pots?

growing snowdrops in a pot Plant in a good rich compost mixed with leaf mould, and water whilst they are in flower. Store the pot out of the sun once the leaves have died down as the bulbs hate to dry out. Do not leave in the pot for more than two years, transplant into the garden where they can multiply happily.

Can you replant snowdrops?

There are two ways to transplant snowdrops in spring. You can buy a pot of growing bulbs and simply put the whole clump into the ground. This will cause minimal root disturbance and should not affect flowering in the future. You can also dig up some plants and move them just after flowering.

Do snowdrops come back every year?

Snowdrop bulbs multiply every year and overcrowding can reduce the flower display. So, give plants a boost, and create more displays for free by lifting and dividing the clumps. Wait until the leaves have gone yellow, then dig up the plant and carefully split it into three to five smaller clumps.

What is the best time to plant snowdrops?

One of the best times to plant snowdrops is in the spring, when they “in the green” which is usually after flowering but whilst still in leaf around late Feb/ March time. This is not as cheap as bulbs, but less expensive than buying snowdrops ready to bloom in containers.

What are tall snowdrops called?

elwesii has long been referred to as the giant snowdrop for it is the largest natural species, in overall height, in leaf width, and flower length.