What are the 11 tribes of Davao?

What are the 11 tribes of Davao?

The Tribal Village has been a Kadayawan attraction since 2017, showcasing the 11 different tribal houses of the six Moro tribes: Tausug, Maguindanaon, Iranun, Kagan, Maranao, and Sama and five Lumad tribes — Klata, Ata, Ubo Manuvo, Matigsalog, and Tagabawa.

How many tribes are there in Davao Region?

Etymology. Many historians believe that the name Davao is the mixture of the three names that three different tribes, the earliest settlers in the region, had for the Davao River.

What are the five tribes in Mindanao?

The Lumad tribal groupings of Mindanao include Ata, Bagobo, Guiangga, Mamanwa, Magguangan, Mandaya, Banwa-on, Bukidnon, Dulangan, Kalagan, Kulaman, Manobo, Subanon, Tagabili, Takakaolo, Talandig, and Tiruray or Teduray.

What is Ata tribe?

The Ata-Manobo of Davao del Norte, aboriginally called Ata, believed that they originated from Paquibato, Davao City. The Ancestral Domain of the Ata-Manobo covers portions of the Municipalities of Kapalong, san Isidro, Sto. Tomas and Talaingod.

What is Mansaka tribe?

The Mansaka tribe is just one of the many ethnic groups found in Davao region. According to the National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCAA), they are commonly found in the province of Davao del Norte and are the most dominant ethnic group in Compostela Valley (ComVal) pro-vince.

What is Klata tribe?

One of these is the Bagobo Klata, an indigenous tribe settled in the highlands of Tamayong (or Tomayong as they prefer), in Calinan District. These elaborately dressed ethnic group is known for their artistry, craftsmanship and skills as brave warriors.

What is Manobo tribe in Mindanao?

The Manobo tribe who are inhabitants of the island of Mindanao in the Philippines are a group of people speaking one of the languages that belong to the Manobo language family. Their origins can be traced back to the early Malay peoples who came from the surrounding islands of Southeast Asia.

What is Dibabawon tribe?

They are described as the “people of the living mountains” and “people of the wilderness.” In fact, their name is derived from higa (to live or reside), goan (mountain), and onon (people). The culture of the Higaonon tribe can be best described as one of peace, for solving the internal conflicts of other ethnic groups.

What is Tiruray tribe?

Definition of Tiruray 1a : a predominantly pagan people in the western part of Cotabato province, central Mindanao, Philippines. b : a member of such people. 2 : the Austronesian language of the Tiruray people.

What is the Mandaya tribe?

The Mandaya are a complex group (Mangwanga, Mangrangan, Managosan, Magosan, Pagsupan, Divavaonon, Dibabaon, Mansaka) and can be found in Davao Oriental province where there is a population of some 22,000 (NSO 1980). The national population is about 172,506 (NM 1994).