What are the grades of carbon black?

What are the grades of carbon black?


N220 It is a medium surface area, medium structure grade and an intermediate super abrasion black.
N234 It is a medium surface area and high surface area grade and a very good general purpose tread grade.
N326 It is a low surface area and low structure carbon black.

What is black carbon used for?

Carbon black is mainly used to strengthen rubber in tires, but can also act as a pigment, UV stabilizer, and conductive or insulating agent in a variety of rubber, plastic, ink and coating applications.

What is carbon black industry?

Carbon black is a form of para crystalline carbon, which contains 95% of pure carbon and enhances the physical and mechanical properties of material, making the end product more effective. Carbon black is essentially used in manufacturing tires, plastics, mechanical rubber goods, printing inks, and toners.

Which carbon black is used in Tyres?

Nearly all carbon black used in today’s tires is produced by the furnace black process. Modern tires compose several different rubber compounds each containing special elastomers and special carbon black grades needed for peak performance.

What is OAN in carbon black?

Oil absorption number (OAN) is a measure of the ability of a carbon black to absorb liquids. This property is a function of the structure of the carbon black.

Who is the largest producer of black carbon?

China is a major contributor to the production of black carbon. China is also the world’s largest exporter of black carbon. This dominance of China in the carbon black production and export has made the Asia pacific to be the major region in the carbon black market.

What is the price of carbon black?

The average price of carbon black increased from USD 1330 per MT (January 2021) to USD 1365 per MT (March 2021).

What is EDR carbon black?

VMware Carbon Black EDR is an incident response and threat hunting solution designed for Security Operations Center teams with offline environments or on-premises requirements.

How much carbon black is in a TYRE?

About 47% of a tire is rubber, 22% is carbon black (CB), 17% metals, 6% textiles and the rest other additives (ZnO, sulfur, clays and other compounds).

Who invented carbon black?

Joseph C. Krejci

Joseph C. Krejci
Known for Carbon black
Awards Charles Goodyear Medal (1974)
Scientific career
Fields Polymer science