What Bass does Tony Levin use?

What Bass does Tony Levin use?

Bass Gear. Tony Levin is famous for using MusicMan basses (mainly a StingRay 5), the Chapman Stick (using mostly the bass side) and the NS electric upright (and sometimes cello).

Is Tony Levin a good bassist?

In 2011, Levin ranked # 2 behind John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin in the “20 Most Underrated Bass Guitarists” in Paste magazine. In July 2020, Levin was ranked #42 on the “50 Greatest Bassists of All Time” list by Rolling Stone magazine.

What does Tony Levin wear on his fingers?

Levin’s original Funk Fingers were strapped to the fingers, but after some experimentation with cutouts and elastic loops for fingers, Levin decided the most comfortable design has a rubber cap at the end of the fingers.

Does Tony Levin use a pick?

Tony Levin: Almost always finger playing for me on Fretless. A few exceptions: pick sometimes, and with 8va pedal sometimes. And a few times I’ve played the fretless with my “Funk Fingers” – wooden drumsticks attached to my fingers (usually used with fretted bass) which gives it a very percussive attack.

What AMP does Tony Levin use?

According to Bass Player magazine interview, Levin uses the Ampeg Heritage SVT-810E.

How do you use funk fingers?

For anyone new to “Funk Fingers”, they are sticks strapped onto your 1st & 2nd fingers used to play electric bass to get a powerful attack and funky sound. FFs are length compensated for the difference in finger length, and have a stretch strap to attach to your fingers.

Who played bass on sledgehammer?

Tony Levin
search for a bass lesson The bass line from Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel is one of the best of all time. It was played by one of my favourite bassists, the great Tony Levin. In this bass tutorial, I show you how to play Sledgehammer plus how to get really close to the original bass tone.

Who played bass on the song sledgehammer?

The bass is played by another legendary session musician, Tony Levin, and it too has an alienated synthetic quality. Commenter Antonio Salieri informs me that Tony is playing a fretless Music Man Sabre bass with a pick through a Boss OC-2 octave pedal.

What strings does Tony Levin use?

FB: What types of strings and fingerboards do you prefer? Tony Levin: Ernie Ball strings, light guage when I’m using the bass for lead playing.