What can you do with a maritime degree?

What can you do with a maritime degree?

Job options that relate directly to these degrees include:

  • Port manager.
  • Operations manager.
  • Logistics and distribution manager.
  • Supply chain manager.
  • Maritime consultant.
  • Maritime lawyer.
  • Insurance officer.
  • Marine analyst.

What is Maritime Administration degree?

A business degree for the sea, this program offers students the chance to learn the skills needed for the maritime industry in the heart of Galveston Bay. This major provides students with great course options, from international trade and port management to economics and accounting.

What is Course Maritime?

Through this program, the students will be able to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to accomplish their future duties and responsibilities as a marine officer and will be exposed to theories and practices in seamanship, navigation, ship business, meteorology, and marine laws.

What do you learn at Maritime College?

Right-side Navigation

  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Facilities Engineering.
  • Naval Architecture.
  • Marine Engineering.
  • Global Business and Transportation.
  • International Transportation and Trade.
  • Humanities.

Is Maritime Studies a good degree?

The maritime industry offers good career prospects with commensurate salaries, job stability and job flexibility. Graduates are expected to fill key leadership roles in the maritime industry. Our fresh graduates are expected to be employed in a broad and diverse range of shore-based jobs.

What is maritime management?

Maritime management programs focus on teaching students the skills they need to work in high-level positions in the maritime industry. Programs usually cover topics such as safety management, risk assessment, project management, and environmental protection.

What is maritime administration and management?

The maritime administration and management will be able: · To provide an expert overview of the complex but inter-related maritime specialized field and opportunities towards achieving a sustainable maritime sector at national and International level.

How long does it take to study maritime?

National Diploma: Maritime Studies to be completed in a minimum of four semesters of theoretical study (2 years) and a minimum of 12 months experiential training.

Is maritime a military school?

Some people assume Cal Maritime is a “military” academy because our students wear uniforms, but they are not correct. In fact, 94% of our graduates go directly into for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, or graduate schools while 8% graduate as commissioned officers in the military.

How long does it take to get a maritime degree?

The program is designed to take 28 months, with a total of 26 weeks dedicated to classroom training and 360 calendar days dedicated to hands-on experience at sea.

What is a maritime career?

The Maritime industry is associated with activities on all vessels used at sea and associated land-based services. Routes include oceans, coasts, seas, lakes, rivers and channels. The Maritime field offers a wide choice of career opportunities, many of which are international by nature.​

What do colleges have maritime programs?

Haley Reeves Barbour Maritime Training Academy,Pascagoula,MS

  • Newport News Apprentice School,Newport News,VA
  • Ingalls Apprentice School,Pascagoula,MS
  • What is Maritime Studies degree?

    Manager Maritime.

  • Maritime Engineer.
  • Maritime Management Services.
  • Maritime Analyst.
  • Maritime Services.
  • International Maritime.
  • Maritime Operations Manager.
  • Maritime International.
  • What is maritime professional training?

    What is maritime professional training? Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, five minutes from Port Everglades, the International Airport, Maritime Professional Training (MPT) is the most complete full service private maritime school in the country and has been training mariners since 1983.

    What is marine transportation degree?

    Undergraduate Degree. The Marine Transportation (MTRA) program prepares cadets for careers as licensed ship deck officers. Cadets build a foundation to transfer into management and operations positions within the intermodal, transporta- tion, and petroleum industries. Skills are learned through extensive theoretical education that is applied