What do the candlesticks from the Bishop symbolize?

What do the candlesticks from the Bishop symbolize?

The Bishop’s Candlesticks Symbol Analysis He pretends that the silver was a gift to Valjean so that the policemen will let him go. The candlesticks thus symbolize the mercy shown to Valjean by the Bishop, as well as humility and goodness in the Bishop’s lack of interest in beautiful possessions and wealth.

What were the Bishop’s feelings regarding the candlesticks?

The benevolence of the Bishop somewhat softened the convict, but, when he saw the candlesticks, he became greedy and stole them. He tried to run away with them. The candlesticks were given to the Bishop by his dying mother and so they were very dear to him.

Why did the Bishop give Valjean the candlesticks?

In the tear-jerker opening number, Bishop Myriel gives Valjean the candlesticks, telling the ex-con that he has “bought your soul for God.” You can’t get much clearer than that. The candlesticks are a symbol of Bishop Myriel’s poverty and goodness, but they’re also a symbol of Valjean’s redemption.

How did the Bishop change the life of the convict?

The Bishop saved the convict by telling the police that the silver candlesticks were given to the convict by him as a gift. It was the point which transformed him and he became a “man” again. Finally, he was blessed by the Bishop.

What does Jean Valjean do with the candlesticks?

Valjean bequeaths his silver candlesticks to Cosette, Marius, and their descendants the candlesticks to them, and requests them to pass them down to their children and grandchildren, stating that he “… is not going to a far away place.” Marius and Cosette rush over and kneal at his sides as he finally tells Cosette …

What is the character of the bishop?

Bishop: He is a very noble and simple person, who always ready to help anyone in distress. He has all the characteristics of a good human being. When he hears the story of the convict, he showed his sympathy for him. He comes to know that the attitude of the convict turned inhuman due to bad treatment in the prison.

What role do the candlesticks play in the lives of the bishop and the convict?

The candlesticks play a vital role in the play. Only when the convict steals the candlesticks, the Bishop gets an opportunity to transform him from a beast to a man. The convict steals the Bishop’s silver candlesticks and gets arrested.

What idea about crime and punishment do you gather from Bishop candlestick?

‘The Bishop’s Candlesticks’ brings home the idea that no one is a born criminal. It shows how a good and humane treatment can bring out hidden goodness in a hardened criminal. The convict who enters the Bishop’s house demands food at the point of his knife.

What was the only precious thing to the bishop and why?

Answer. The silver candlesticks were so dear to the Bishop because the candlesticks were gifted to the Bishop by his mother on her death bed , before Persome was born. The bishop gave the candlesticks to the convict because he was starving and with that candlesticks he could start a new life.

What does the bishop say to Jean Valjean?

Bishop Myriel in the musical He explains to Valjean that his act of mercy was for a greater cause, instructs Valjean to use the silver “to become an honest man”, and says that he has bought Valjean’s soul for God.