What does a local traffic only sign mean?

What does a local traffic only sign mean?

Meaning. Local traffic only signs. A local traffic sign is for traffic accessing the local area. Through traffic should continue using the main roads. Square-cornered local traffic only signs are used at roadwork sites with detours that allow local traffic into the area.

What does except local buses sign mean?

Exceptions to the prohibition can be made clear using a supplementary sign: ‘Except local buses’ for where it marks a local bus route such as a shortcut to a local tourist destination. ‘Except permit holders’ where school or other buses may be entitled to pass through.

What are the three types of traffic signs and explain?

In India, traffic signs are broadly split into three categories: mandatory signs, cautionary signs and informative signs.

  • Mandatory Traffic Signs. As the title suggests, this set of road traffic signs are obligatory for drivers to follow.
  • Cautionary Traffic Signs.
  • Informative Signs.

Who is responsible for road traffic signs?

The 33 London borough councils, including the City of London Corporation, are in charge of the local roads in their areas. This includes both their construction and maintenance, and the management of traffic (parking, speed limits, etc.) on them.

Are local traffic only signs legal?

A sign entitled “local traffic only“ means only motorists who reside in that particular area or have business related functions may enter. Others are not permitted to use the area as a pass through to a subsequent destination.

What is the definition of local traffic?

Local Traffic means traffic that is originated by a Customer of one Party on that Party’s network and terminates to a Customer of the other Party on that other Party’s network within a given local calling area or expanded area service (“EAS”) area, as defined in BA’s effective Customer Tariffs.

What does except buses and taxis mean?

Signs such as this one are used in combination with other signs which prohibit certain actions. Their function is to indicate that vehicles such as buses, taxis or pedal cycles are exempt from the restriction displayed on the accompanying sign.

What does it mean if the signs at a bus lane shows no times of operation?

If a bus lane shows no times of operation then it is in operation 24 hours per day. Don’t drive or park in a bus lane when it’s in operation. This can cause disruption to traffic and delays to public transport. If you are caught you could be fined.

What are the classes of traffic signs?

Signs that inform road users of traffic laws and regulations which, if disregarded, will constitute an offense.

  • Priority Signs.
  • Prohibitive I Restriction Signs.
  • Speed Signs.
  • Parking Signs.
  • Miscellaneous Signs.
  • Horizontal Signs.
  • Intersection Signs.
  • Advance Warning I Traffic Control.

Do road signs have to be illuminated?

Traffic signs need to be clearly visible at night in order that their message is seen by motorists. In areas where the level of background luminance1 is low (predominantly rural areas), retroreflective material alone is normally adequate to provide sufficient illumination for this purpose.

What are traffic officers Authorised to do?

Explanation: Traffic officers don’t have enforcement powers, but they’re able to stop and direct people on motorways and some ‘A’ class roads.