What does below mean mean?

What does below mean mean?

1a : lower in place, rank, or value than : under Our apartment is below theirs. Her skirt reached below her knees. The sun dipped below the horizon. b : down river from moored a mile below town.

Is it correct to say below?

Nearly all standard dictionaries say that “below” functions exclusively as either an adverb (“they bought the apartment below”) or a preposition (“they bought the apartment below ours”).

Does below go before or after?

In each of these examples, the word below should follow the nouns and not stand in front of them. The OED defines this use of below as follows: below adverb: Lower on a written sheet or page; hence, later in a book or writing; at the foot of the page.

What is the meaning of under and below?

The words “under,” “below,” “beneath” and “underneath” can all mean “in a lower place or position and sometimes covered by something else.” “Under” is the most used of the three in everyday speech when talking about a lower physical position, like this: We sat under the stars and listened to the night sounds.

What does see below mean?

5 unworthy of; beneath. adv. 6 at or to a lower position or place. 7 at a later place (in something written) see below.

What is the example of below?

2. He dived below the surface of the water. 3. A crocodile was lurking just below the surface.

Where do you put the word below?

Below can be used in the following ways: as a preposition (followed by a noun): The lake is almost 900 feet below sea level….as an adverb (without a following noun): I heard someone calling from the street below.

  1. in a lower place or position.
  2. less than a certain number, amount, or level.

Which term is defined below?

under, below. per-through. para-beside, beyond, around, abnormal. intra-within. epi-over, upon, on-coccus (pl. -cocci) berry-shaped (form of bacterium)-tome. Use the combining form “onych/o” to build the medical term defined as eating the nails. onychophagia. Use the combining form “onych/o” to build the medical term defined as diseased

What does the sentence below mean?

What does the word cry mean in the sentence below? I hope the puppy does not cry during the storm. howl. What does the word shower mean in the sentence below? Ryan takes a shower every morning. wash. What does the word track mean in the sentence below? The train sped down the track and out of sight.

What is the meaning of below?

Claudius says that his “words fly up,” as he offers them to heaven, but his “thoughts” remain below–there is a connotation in “below” in much of Shakespeare, where the word signifies not only the physical earth, but also the lower regions, or Hell; Claudius is ostensibly praying to God, but in his mind, he does not have Godly motivations.

What does above and below mean?

What does above and below the line mean? In filmmaking, above the line refers to the budget for directors, actors, story writers, and the likes, while below the line includes the rest of the production team or crew. In marketing, above the line is related to mass media marketing, while below the line is direct marketing.