What does NP Stet dismissal mean?

What does NP Stet dismissal mean?

A stet simply means that the Maryland State’s Attorney Office has placed your case as inactive.

Can I get a job with a nolle prosequi?

If your record is not sealed/expunged they certainly can see it, and if they see it, can use it ‘against’ you. Each employer can choose to hire, or not hire based on criminal history, even if charges were dropped.

What is the difference between nolle prossed and dismissed?

Nolle prosequi is a Latin phrase meaning “will no longer prosecute” or a variation on the same. It amounts to a dismissal of charges by the prosecution. Rather, they simply use the term dismissal. The prosecution invokes nolle prosequi or dismissal when it has decided to discontinue a prosecution or part of it.

Is nolle prosequi a good thing?

Is a Nolle Prosequi a Good Thing? Absolutely! The case is now closed and the State is not prosecuting the charges against the defendant. The defendant can immediately file for an expungement, to get the court and police records permanently erased and removed from public view.