What does the prefix Macul mean?

What does the prefix Macul mean?

1 : spot, blotch especially : macule. 2a : an anatomical structure having the form of a spot differentiated from surrounding tissues.

What is the suffix of mammography?

-graphy/ -graph. = recording. an image. mammography (imaging the breasts) -gram.

What is the prefix for ophthalmology?

Definition of ophthalmo- a combining form meaning “eye,” used in the formation of compound words: ophthalmology.

What is the prefix and suffix of ophthalmology?

Ophthalm/o. Eye (ophthalmologist, specialist in eye disorders) Opt/o. Eye, vision. Phac/o, phak/o.

What are retinas?

The retina contains millions of light-sensitive cells (rods and cones) and other nerve cells that receive and organize visual information. Your retina sends this information to your brain through your optic nerve, enabling you to see.

Where is vision the keenest?

nounplural noun maculae/-ˌlē/ /-ˌlī/ An oval yellowish area surrounding the fovea near the center of the retina in the eye, which is the region of keenest vision. ‘The macula lutea or ‘yellow spot’ in the retina is responsible for central vision and visual acuity.

What does the prefix mammo mean?

Prefix. mammo- (biology, medicine) relating to the mammary organs (mammary glands, breasts, udders, and dugs), or to females.

What is the prefix for mastectomy?

Masto definition Mastectomy. Of or like a breast, or mammary gland. Mastectomy.

What is the prefix of optometrist?

A graduate of a school accredited by the board of optometry may use the prefix “Dr.” or “Doctor”, but shall add after the person’s name the letters “O. D.”

What is the prefix of retinopathy?

retin- or retino- [Latin rete, retis net; refering to the network of vessels on the retina] Denotes the retina (retinopathy).

Why is retina orange?

Orange Glow The inside of the eye derives its orange color from a layer of pigment cells inside the retina. This layer of pigment—just one cell thick—absorbs light coming in and prevents it from scattering. The result is a crisper view.