What does the title throw down your heart mean?

What does the title throw down your heart mean?

(The album/documentary’s title, Throw Down Your Heart is taken from a comment made about the slave trade, in which those who were being loaded onto the ships “threw down their hearts,” for they knew they’d never return.)

What are the names of the two West African instruments with noticeable similarities to the banjo?

Much of the speculation has centered on the ngoni and the xalam, two hide-covered stringed instruments from West Africa that have some resemblance to the banjo. But they’re just two of more than 60 similar plucked stringed instruments found in the region.

How are horns of the brass section made?

The brass sheet is cut into a fan shape, and the two edges are matched up and welded together, and then a core bar is inserted and the bell is manually rounded. Then, a roller is used on the weld to smooth it.

What kind of instrument is clarinet?

woodwind instrument
A new woodwind instrument in the eighteenth century The clarinet is a relative newcomer among woodwind instruments. It is generally said to have been invented by the Nuremberg instrument maker Johann Christoph Denner at the start of the eighteenth century.

What are banjo drums made of?

The Body. Generally, the body of this instrument is made up of wooden rim and rare cases you will find it made up of metal, the skin, and a metal tone ring. The banjo skin is similar to a drum head in nature.

What is the head of a banjo made out of?

Types of Banjo Heads Our banjos heads are made of mylar plastic. We have different types of heads and the reason they make the banjo sound different is that the thickness of the mylar varies. The thicker the mylar plastic, the warmer/more bass effect on the banjo sound.

What is a music ensemble composed of brasswind woodwind and percussion instrument?

A concert band, variously also called a wind ensemble, symphonic band, wind symphony, wind orchestra, wind band, symphonic winds, symphony band, or symphonic wind ensemble, is a performing ensemble consisting of members of the woodwind, brass, and percussion families of instruments, and occasionally including the harp …

What is a saxophone?

The saxophone is a type of single-reed woodwind instrument with a conical body, usually made of brass. As with all single-reed instruments, sound is produced when a reed on a mouthpiece vibrates to produce a sound wave inside the instrument’s body.

What is the bass instrument of the wind section of the brass band?

An orchestra usually has a single tuba, though an additional tuba may be asked for. It serves as the bass of the orchestral brass section and it can reinforce the bass voices of the strings and woodwinds.

How many strings does an acoustic guitar have?

six strings
Guitars typically have six strings. Each string has a different thickness. Starting from the thinnest string, the strings are called string 1, string 2, and so on, up until string 6. Strings 1 and 2 are called “plain strings” and are bare steel strings (unwound).