What does the Zastava M48 shoot?

What does the Zastava M48 shoot?

Zastava M48

Puška M.48 7,9 mm (Rifle M.48 7.9 mm)
Cartridge 7.92×57 mm IS (8 mm Mauser)
Action Bolt action
Muzzle velocity 760 m/s (2,493 ft/s)
Effective firing range 500 m (547 yd) (with iron sights) 800+ m (875 yd) (with optics)

What does M48 stand for?

M48 or M-48 may refer to: Messier 48, an open star cluster in the constellation Hydra. 48th known Mersenne prime. M48 Patton, an American tank. MIM-72A/M48 Chaparral, an American self-propelled surface-to-air missile system.

What caliber is equivalent to 8mm?

Rifle cartridges

Name Bullet OAL
8×64mm S 8.20 (.323) 87.5 (3.445)
8×68mm S 8.20 (.323) 87 (3.425)
8mm Remington Magnum 8.217 (.3235) 91.44 (3.60)
8mm Lebel 8.3 (.327) 69.85 (2.75)

How much does a Mauser M48 cost?

$29.99$29.99($1.00/Count) Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 28 FREE Shipping BadAce NDT (No Drill Tap) Picatinny Rail for Yugoslavia Mauser M48/M48A 4.3 out of 5 stars13 $139.95$139.95

Are M24 and M48 Mauser bolts interchangeable?

The M48 bolt is interchangeable with the earlier Serbian-produced M24 Mauser variant, which is also of the intermediate length. Again, interchangeability is subject to wear and headspace. The action itself, along with quality manufacture, is the secret to the success of the Mauser.

How many different types of M48 rifles are there?

There are four basic versions of the M48 military rifle. The most desirable is the original M48. It’s very well made with all milled parts and a nice, sturdy stock of elm, birch, beech, or walnut. There are some claims of the stocks being teak, but that’s not true.

What is the difference between the M48A and M48B?

Budgetary concerns led to the use of some stamped parts beginning with the M48A, which is discernable by the stamped magazine floor plate. The M48B has a stamped floor plate and barrel bands, as well as a stamped two-piece trigger guard.