What figurative language does Firework by Katy Perry have?

What figurative language does Firework by Katy Perry have?

The result found that there are some kinds of figurative language used in Katy perry’s song entitle firework, such as simile, metaphor, hyperbole, affiliation, symbolic, paradox, and personification.

What is all the figurative language in Firework?

In “Firework” song lyric, the researcher found six types of figurative language. They are simile, personification, metaphor, paradox, irony, and hyperbole.

Is there alliteration in Firework by Katy Perry?

Explanation: The reason why an onomatopoeia is included in this song is the same reason why an alliteration in this song. the onomatopoeia makes the song more fun to sing and more enjoyable. Also the use of this figurative language gives the listener a good idea of a firework if they’ve never seen one before.

What is repetition in the song Firework?

Repetition is rampant throughout “Firework”, occurring in all sections of the song. Try incorporating builds in momentum, tension and intensity throughout your song. This will further engage the listener, and make the payoff (i.e. your chorus) even more effective.

What is a consonance in Firework by Katy Perry?

Using Katy Perry’s “Firework” ignite, light, and shine all have the long “i” sound, which is an example of assonance! Also, the “t” sound on ignite, light, let and it is an example of consonance.

What is the tone in the song Firework?

The overall tone (attitude) that Katy Perry wants to share in”Firework” is positive and passionate. The words in “Firework” give a hopeful and encouraging mood (feeling) in the song.

How do you teach figurative language?

Reading poetry that uses specific literary devices and discussing each instance within the text can be an effective teaching strategy. Try reading the following poems or songs that make use of various forms of figurative language to your child. As you read aloud, see if your child can find the literary device.