What football team did Louis Tomlinson play for?

What football team did Louis Tomlinson play for?

Doncaster Rovers football club
One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has played his debut match at Doncaster Rovers football club. Nearly 5,000 tickets to watch the Rovers reserve team were sold before the game. The crowd, which normally tallies at around 100 fans, were predominantly female.

Did Louis Tomlinson play professional football?

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson becomes a professional footballer after signing a contract with Doncaster Rovers. LOUIS will play for his local side after being given the No28 squad number so he can appear in charity matches. ONE Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has signed up as a footballer for Doncaster Rovers.

Why are Doncaster Rovers called the Vikings?

In the late Sixties the local council denied Doncaster Rovers the prolonged use of its civic icon. A competition was held and the best design selected was today’s badge, christened “the Viking”.

Who owns Keepmoat Stadium?

Doncaster Rovers Football Club
The Eco-Power Stadium (formerly known as Keepmoat Stadium) is a multi-purpose stadium in Doncaster, England, with a capacity of 15,231….Keepmoat Stadium.

Owner Doncaster Rovers Football Club
Operator Doncaster Rovers Football Club
Capacity 15,231
Record attendance 15,001 v Leeds United (1 April 2008)

Did Louis Tomlinson buy football team?

Louis Tomlinson has followed in the footsteps of celebrity football club owners such as Elton John and Delia Smith by announcing a deal to buy the League One side Doncaster Rovers.

Did Louis Tomlinson buy Doncaster Rovers?

Tomlinson, who was part of a failed bid to buy Doncaster Rovers in 2014, signed for the club as a non-contract player in August 2013 and made his debut for the side’s reserve team in February 2014.

Does Louis Tomlinson own Doncaster Rovers?

Who owns Doncaster FC?

Doncaster Rovers Limited
Doncaster Rovers F.C.

Full name Doncaster Rovers Football Club
Owner Doncaster Rovers Limited
Chairman David Blunt
Manager Gary McSheffrey
League EFL League One

Why is it called the Keepmoat Stadium?

In November 2006, local building company Keepmoat plc secured the naming rights to the stadium. Although the Dons had the honour of staging the first match at the stadium, against Sheffield Eagles on 27th December 2006, Rovers’ opening game a few days later really captured the local public’s interest.

When was Keepmoat stadium built?

August 3, 2007Eco-Power Stadium / Opened

What football club does Louis Tomlinson play for?

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How much did fans raise for Louis Tomlinson on his birthday?

Please enjoy this video that was made to support a fan fundraising drive in honor of Louis’ 24th birthday a few years ago. Years later, fans are still going strong, raising almost $100,000+ for charity in Louis’ honor. To donate to the current fundraising drive, click here.

When did Louis Tomlinson appear on X Factor?

Tomlinson, along with his other band members, appeared in an episode of iCarly in spring 2012. Tomlinson again appeared on The X Factor during the twelfth series in 2015, assisting mentor and label boss Cowell with his decisions in the “Over 26s” category during the judges’ houses stage.

Is Louis Tomlinson a fan of Robbie Williams?

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