What happened in the fruitcake fraud?

What happened in the fruitcake fraud?

Fruitcake Fraud streaming on Discovery Plus details an embezzlement scheme that went on for almost a decade. In that time, the bakery’s bookkeeper stole nearly $17 million to support a lifestyle of luxury for him and his wife.

How do I watch fruit cake fraud?

How to Watch Fruitcake Fraud. Watch the documentary about the fruitcake embezzlement at Collin Street Bakery by signing up for your FREE DISCOVERY+ TRIAL today! Discovery+ is a monthly streaming service that you can cancel at any time. To start your seven-day free trial of Discovery+, click here.

Who produced fruitcake fraud?

But according to a spokesperson, that production got delayed by COVID-19. Fruitcake Fraud was produced for discovery+ by ITV America’s Good Caper Content in association with Dial Tone Films, and its production team included Red Sanders of Fort Worth’s Red Productions.

How did Sandy Jenkins commit fraud?

Jenkins spent over $11 million on a Black American Express card alone—roughly $98,000 per month over the course of the scheme—for a couple that had a legitimate income, through the Bakery, of approximately $50,000 per year.

How many episodes are in fruitcake fraud?

Episodes (2) This documentary takes viewers to the heart of the small town rocked by the scam. Over the course of nine years, a whopping $17 million was embezzled from Corsicana, Texas’s revered Collin Street Bakery, the world’s most famous purveyor of Fruitcake.

When did the fruitcake fraud happen?

Remember when an employee at Collin Street Bakery — the Texas shop known for its fruitcakes — got caught having stolen nearly $17 million from the business in 2013? The movie version isn’t here yet. (Pre-COVID, Will Ferrell was on board.

Who embezzled money from Collins Street bakery?

Sandy Jenkins
The Crime Uncovered Sandy Jenkins was hired as the Bakery’s accountant in 1998. In the summer of 2013, he’d just passed his fifteen-year work anniversary. Unbeknownst to him, he was not destined to celebrate his sixteenth.

Who makes Walmart fruit cake?

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