What happened to Camp Bisco?

What happened to Camp Bisco?

Camp Bisco has officially cancelled its 2021 edition but announced that they’ll be bringing City Bisco to Philadelphia in July instead. Year after year Camp Bisco proves to be one of the most fun-filled weekends for attendees who love jam bands, dance music, and good vibes.

Will Camp Bisco be Cancelled?

The Disco Biscuits Cancel Camp Bisco 2021, Schedule “The Return of City Bisco” in Philadelphia. The Disco Biscuits have announced that their Camp Bisco event – scheduled for July 8-10, 2021 at Scranton, Pa.’s Montage Mountain – has been canceled for 2021, and a 2022 edition is coming in the near future.

Does Camp Bisco sell out?

Historically, Camp Bisco has sold out in advance. There is a good chance tickets will sell out this year.

Where is Camp Bisco held?

Scranton, PA
Camp Bisco is an outdoor music festival held at the picturesque Montage Mountain, a world-class concert venue & waterpark located in Scranton, PA.

What does Bisco mean?

BISCO, the abbreviation for British Iron & Steel Corporation.

Why was Camp Bisco Cancelled?

The band promised that the festival will return in 2022. While we hoped to have our favorite weekend of the year at Camp Bisco serve as a major stepping stone to a “return to normal,” it became clear to us, due to the timing, that it’s not going to work out this year – at least not the way we would like to do it.

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