What happened to the guy that used to do the Trivago commercials?

What happened to the guy that used to do the Trivago commercials?

Williams, 53, was arrested the afternoon of April 19, 2019 in Houston after he was found passed out behind the wheel of a car stopped in traffic. Houston police spokeswoman Jodi Silva said at the time of the arrest that Williams failed a field sobriety test and agreed to having his blood drawn for testing.

Who is Captain Obvious actor?

comedian Brandon Moynihan
Who Plays Captain Obvious? Actor and comedian Brandon Moynihan was selected through street casting to portray Captain Obvious, which he has spent several years developing. Moynihan is obvious and oblivious, and downright embarrassment proof.

Is Tim Williams related to Don Williams?

Tim Williams, Singer, Song writer and son of Legendary Country Star Don Williams, releases his brand new set of songs.

How much does Tim Williams make?

Season History

Year Team Base Salary
2017 Ravens $465,000
2018 Ravens $595,500
2019 Packers $645,000
Total $1,705,500

Who is the guy on the Expedia commercial?

Ewan McGregor is taking fans around the world in Expedia’s new Super Bowl commercial. The Obi-Wan Kenobi star is encouraging viewers to ditch all the stuff that they’ve bought over the pandemic, and instead, choose to travel instead.

Is the Simplisafe guy Captain Obvious?

But what about the mascot himself? If you feel like you’ve seen (or heard) him in something before, that’s because Captain Obvious is played by Brandon Moynihan — an actor and cinematographer according to his IMDb page.

Is that Chad Michael Murray in the captain obvious commercial?

Although his co-star may have been Captain Obvious instead of the love interest his fans are used to seeing, the ad, filmed in the freezing rain, definitely provides some flashbacks to Murray’s previous works in the early 2000s.