What happened to the movie Midnight Rider?

What happened to the movie Midnight Rider?

Due to criminal negligence by the producers of the film, second assistant camerawoman Sarah Jones was killed when she was struck by a CSX freight train that arrived on the trestle….Midnight Rider (film)

Midnight Rider
Starring William Hurt Tyson Ritter Zoey Deutch Eliza Dushku Wyatt Russell
Cinematography Mike Ozier

Did the movie Midnight Rider ever get released?

2014Midnight Rider / Initial release

Did Sarah Jones pass away?

February 20, 2014Sarah Jones / Date of death

How did Sarah Jones get hit by a train?

The train struck and shattered the metal bed, sending shrapnel toward crew members. Fragments struck camera assistant Sarah Jones and propelled her toward the still fast moving train, resulting in her death. William Hurt got off the trestle before the train hit the hospital bed.

Who was killed on the set of Midnight Rider?

Sarah Jones
‘ Why many are upset director is working again. A photograph of Sarah Jones is placed at a 2014 memorial for the camera assistant at the International Cinematographers Guild in Hollywood. Jones, 27, was killed on the set of the film “Midnight Rider.”

Is Randall Miller still in jail?

After spending a year in prison following Jones’ death on the set of the movie “Midnight Rider,” Miller was released in 2016 to serve the rest of his sentence on probation in California.

Was William Hurt Injured?

Hurt was on set at the time of the accident, but was not injured. The director of that movie pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespassing as part of a plea deal and production was shut down. TRENDING STORIES: Former Atlanta radio host dies at 44, family confirms.

Is Randall Miller still working?

In 2015, Miller reversed a not-guilty plea in the train crash death of film crew member Sarah Jones, to keep his wife out of jail….

Randall Miller
Education University of Southern California AFI Conservatory (MFA)
Occupation Film director producer screenwriter editor actor
Years active 1984–2019