What happened Vincenzo Episode 17?

What happened Vincenzo Episode 17?

Episode 17 opens up with a vengeful and emotional Vincenzo marching into Jang Han-seok’s place with the man that killed his mother — Choi Myung-hee ordered the kill. Vincenzo holds his gun and aims it at all of them as they cower and panic. He shoots in random places to scare them.

Who killed BA Reum family?

It turns out Yo-Han was the boy who helped her out as a child and found her on the bridge. This sees her start to doubt her own predispositions that Yo-Han was the one who murdered her grandmother. In fact, that transfer student also happens to be Yo-Han as well.

How does the K drama Mouse end?

During the finale, Moo-Chi bitterly confronts Ba-Reum in prison. He notices the emotion deep inside him and seemingly became aware that Ba-Reum is regretful of his actions. No matter how sadistic, Ba-Reum’s personal way of asking for forgiveness was to kill his own Father in the exact way Moo-Chi wanted it done.

Who killed Vincenzo mother?

Choi Myung-hee
It is later revealed that she is Vincenzo Cassano’s birth mother. She is killed, orchestrated by Choi Myung-hee under Jang Han-seok’s order. One of the test subjects for the drug RDU-90.

Does Jang Han Seo betray Vincenzo?

Jang Han Seo Betrays Vincenzo Cassano | Vincenzo.

Who attacked Chi-kook in Mouse?

As Ba-Reum heads into his room, Chi-Kook confirms he knows Ba-Reum was the one who stabbed him.

Who killed Chi-kook Mouse?

Chasing Ghosts. Episode 16 of Mouse begins with Moo-Chi following Ba-Reum into the main hall of the hospital. Chi-Kook has passed away. He seems to have died from a heart attack and Ba-Reum is shocked this has occurred.

Is Sung Yo Han the killer?

Spoilers. At the beginning of “Mouse,” Sung Yo Han appears to be the ruthless serial killer that the drama’s protagonists are chasing. However, it later comes to light that the true culprit was Jung Ba Reum (played by Lee Seung Gi)—and that Sung Yo Han was actually an innocent victim.

Who is the Mouse killer?

Jung Ba-Reum
The brain surgery Jung Ba-Reum receives gives him the after-effects where he forgets who he is and sees mixed memories between his and Sung Yo-Han’s. As soon as he realizes that he is the serial killer, overwhelming guilt takes over himself immediately.