What hops go well with Amarillo?

What hops go well with Amarillo?

We found that Simcoe, Citra, Centennial, Mosaic, Columbus & Cascade hops are commonly used alongside the Amarillo hop.

How do you use Amarillo hops?

Use: Considered a Cascade type hop. Dual-purpose aroma and flavoring hop with low enough Co-Humulone levels to allow good bittering properties also. Often it is used in dry-hopping to augment the lemon/orange citrus character in the beer.

What are Amarillo hops?

Amarillo is a popular brand name of the VGXP01 hops owned by Virgil Gamache Farms Inc. The VGXP01 c.v., was discovered by Virgil Gamache Farms Inc. in one of their hop yards in Washington state and propagated and introduced by them as Amarillo brand.

What beers have Amarillo hops?

The story of Amarillo hops starts with serendipity….Now try Amarillo in one of these five excellent American beers.

  • Three Floyds: Gumballhead.
  • Green Flash: Hop Head Red India Pale Ale.
  • Rogue: Yellow Snow IPA.
  • Kern River: Just Outstanding IPA.
  • New Belgium: Mighty Arrow.

What type of hops is Amarillo?

Amarillo™ VGXP01 hops are used worldwide where its ultra-high myrcene content creates a delicious orange citrus flavor. A varietal of Virgil Gamache Farms, Inc….Want this hop? Browse our recommended stockists below.

Also Known As
Total Oil Composition 1.5-1.9 mL/100g
Myrcene Oil Composition 68%-70%

What are Galaxy hops?

Descended from German variety Perle, Galaxy® is a unique Australian breed of hops that has the distinction of sporting the highest percentage of essential oils in the industry. Advertisement. It has an amazing citrus, peach and passionfruit aroma, especially when used as a late addition.

Where are Amarillo hops grown?

This month’s hop is Amarillo, which may seem as though they might be grown in the foothills of the Spanish Pyrennes but in fact come from Washington State and lend citrusy flavor to American Pale Ales & IPAs.