What is a Civitan Club?

What is a Civitan Club?

Civitan is an international organization of community service clubs dedicated to helping others. There are Civitan clubs in more than 35 countries around the world, all working to make a difference. Chances are there’s a club near you! Civitan has a special emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities.

What does Civitan stand for?

Definition of Civitan : a member of a major national and international service club.

Is Civitan legit?

Phenomenal Agency that Genuinely Cares. Civitan Services is a wonderful place to work. They do not only care for the individuals with Intellectual Disabilities that they serve but they care about their employees too! It can get hectic as any environment can when you have several people around.

Where is Civitan?

Birmingham, Alabama
Civitan International, based in Birmingham, Alabama, is an association of community service clubs founded in 1917.

What does Junior Civitan do?

Our Mission. Junior Civitan International is a service club that trains young people to become “Builders of Good Citizenship” in the home, school and nation.

How do you spell Civitan?

a member of Civitan International, a service club founded 1918.

How do I contact a Civitan Club?

To contact any club before planning a visit, please contact Civitan International headquarters here. Click here to have a Civitan club in your area contact you! Please include your full name and contact information, including your city and state/province, so we can find the club nearest you.

Where is Civitan International located?

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When will Civitan Open?

Civitan International headquarters is closed this week and will reopen on January 3rd. Remember you can send in membership forms electronically through civitan.org. Have a happy new year!