What is a finished floor level?

What is a finished floor level?

The Finished Floor Level (FFL) is the level, or height, at which the floor of a building or structure (including alterations and additions) is proposed to be built. These levels are nominated on a site/civil plan, including accurate survey information for the development site and its surrounds.

What does finished floor mean in construction?

Finished floor . MEANS “TOP OF FLOOR SLAB” AT CARPETED AREAS AND “TOP OF FLOOR FINISH” AT AREAS WITH WOOD FLOORING OR RESILIENT TILE. Finished floor means the finished horizontal base of any story of a dwelling unit, or group of dwelling units, that meets all building code requirements for a habitable space. (

What is FFL and SSL?

Correct me if Iam wrong, FFL refers to the level at the top surface of floor finish. This is where all the building element finish levels are referenced from. SFL refers to the level at the top surface of the floor screeding or concrete topping. While SSL refers to the level at the top surface of the structural slab.

How do you calculate floor finish level?

Locate the structural floor height specified in the flooring project plans. Add the combined height of the architectural floor material, substrates and adhesives to the structural floor height. This is the finished floor level.

What does floor level mean?

Floor Level means the floor upon which people normally walk—not shelves, ledges, overhead beams, tops of stacked materials, surfaces of equipment, or similar places.

What is finished ceiling level?

Fcl stands for finished ceiling level (architectural notation) suggest new definition this definition appears rarely and is found in the following acronym finder categories: In audio equipment the ceiling level, also known as the point of distortion, is the maximum input signal amplitude above which output distortion …

What is plinth level?

plinth level means the level of the ground floor of a building above the surrounding ground. Sample 1. plinth level means the level of the floor of a building immediately above the surrounding ground.

What does above finished floor mean?

AFF – Above Finish Floor. This is an acronym commonly used in dimensioning. If you see a note saying 8′-0” AFF, it means that whatever is being referenced is 8 feet and zero inches above the surface of the finished floor (whatever you walk on, e.g. the surface of the tile, not the underlay) in that room.

What is a sill level?

Sill level or Window Sill level:- The level between the base portion of the window and portion of the floor above ground level (upwards) is called Sill level. Mortar bed or concrete bed is laid at the base of the window.