What is a garage apartment called?

What is a garage apartment called?

A garage apartment is one type of “accessory dwelling unit” or ADU, a term used by architects, urban planners and in zoning ordinances to identify apartments smaller than the main dwelling on one lot or parcel of land.

What is a shop and house together called?

When looking at barndominium designs and ideas, you may come across the word “shouse.” A shouse is a shophouse (shop + house = shouse). It is essentially a workshop or storage space connected to a living space.

Where can I find house plans with garage apartments?

Below are some garage apartment floor plans and house plans with garage apartments from houseplans.com. All of our house plans can be modified to fit your lot or altered to fit your unique needs. To search our entire database of nearly 40,000 floor plans click here.

What is the best plan for a garage shop?

Plan #160-1016 is a two-story garage shop plan with ample work and storage space. The first floor features a two-car garage with a workshop and workbench in the back, while the second floor houses a 35’ x 23’ storage space with vaulted ceilings. Plan #108-1075 is a two-story plan that offers something for everyone.

What do the best Barndominium shop plans with living quarters look like?

What do the best barndominium shop plans with living quarters look like? Ideally, they are between 30×60 and 40×60 feet long, although there are a few arena-size plans that are as large as 40×90. These are typically 3 or 4 bedroom barndos with either a shop, garage, or stables under the same roof.

Does this Barndominium floor plan show the attached shop?

This floor plan is a bit harder to read and does not show the attached shop. That said, we really like this example as it has a luxurious master bath AND retreat area. There are a lot of plans out there and many of the sample 40X60 Barndominium plans with shops we have highlighted here are some of the best in the market.