What is a good score on the Mensa Workout quiz?

What is a good score on the Mensa Workout quiz?

The scores above 115 are generally considered as “high IQ,” and those above 130 to 132 (depending on the test taken) are usually considered highly gifted and are in the top 2 percent of the population. This level also qualifies you for membership in American Mensa.

What IQ is 72% on Mensa?

Average ‎IQ – Classification Table

IQ test range IQ Classification % of World Population
90-110 Average 51.6%
80-89 Low Average 13.7%
70-79 Borderline 6.4%
Scores under 70 Extremely Low 4.1%

What IQ do you need to pass Mensa test?

American Mensa accepts scores from approximately 200 different standardized intelligence tests*….Tests administered by private psychologists.

Test Name Qualifying Score
Cattell IQ 148
Differential Ability Scales (DAS) GCA 132
Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales IQ 130
Stanford Binet IQ 132

How many exercises are in the Mensa IQ test?

This test does not serve as a substitute for a professional intelligence test, such as those administrated by a psychologists or Mensa – which has a license to offer a selection of intelligence tests. This test consists of 35 problems that must be solved within a 25 minute time limit.

What is the best IQ test?

Best Free IQ Tests Online

  • Free-IQTest.net.
  • Brain Metrix.
  • Fun Education.
  • Memorado.
  • IQ Exam.
  • IQ Test Prep.
  • Genius Tests.
  • 123Test.

What is Mensa brain index?

Mensa Brain Training is an app “accredited” by the Mensa organization and developed by Barnstorm Games. You begin by getting an MBI (“Mensa Brain Index”)—a baseline test of your memory, concentration, agility, perception, and reasoning.