What is a Sacristain?

What is a Sacristain?

Un sacristan is a pastry made from a twisted stick of puff pastry, sprinkled with nuts and dusted with sugar. Like other pastries (religious, Jesuit, pet-of-nun), the origin of the term may be religious, ancient and uncertain.

What is a jalousie in baking?

Very similar to a combination of a turnover and a strudel, this food item is a delicious French pastry containing a sweet filling. Made from a pastry dough that is baked into a light and fluffy crust, a Jalousie typically has baked fruits that provide a thick and syrupy filling within the thin outer crust.

What is classic pastry?

Classic pastries like éclairs, profiteroles, Paris-Brest, mille-feuille, palmiers, sacristans, jalousie, and tarte Tatin are staples that are sometimes overlooked because of their sometimes humble presentation.

What is the function of sacristan?

sacristan, a sexton (q.v.) or, more commonly, the officer of the church in charge of the sacristy and its contents, such as the sacred vessels and vestments. The person may be either someone in holy orders, as is common in a cathedral, or a lay person.

What pastry is used for Jalousie?

Puff pastry Sheets
Method. Jus-Rol™ Frozen Puff pastry Sheets are perfect for making this recipe as they are already rolled into two perfect rectangles, if using Jus-Rol™ Puff pastry in a block form, allow to defrost, cut in half and roll each half to identical sized rectangles.

Does Jalousie contain pastry cream?

Infused with a sweet filling in the middle, jalousies are made with basic pastry dough that is baked into a crust that is light and fluffy. The filling is normally made with fresh fruits that are baked to release the natural juices. Sugar is added to help form a thick syrup with the fruit.

What makes a good sacristan?

A sacristan should have a solid understanding of how liturgies flow–the order of service, the preparations and the tear-down. Additionally, he should be skilled at cleaning and organizing, and trustworthy enough to have keys to the church and access to its safes and precious objects.