What is a Z mist?

What is a Z mist?

Zmist (also known as Z0mbie.Mistfall) is a metamorphic computer virus created by the Russian virus writer known as Z0mbie. It was the first virus to use a technique known as “code integration”. In the words of Ferrie and Ször: Win32.Zmist. Aliases.

What does Zmist stand for?

The M.I.S.T. Report stands for: M – Mechanism of injury (mine, GSW, RPG, RTA, etc.given) I – Type of Injury (found and or suspected) S – Signs (pulse rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate) T – Treatment is given (morphine, tourniquet, etc.Example) A/C – adult/child (include age if known)

Do you have a 9line medevac card?

Also, every person on the ground should have a 9Line MEDEVAC on his or her persons at all times. This can be a card placed in an IFAK, on a radio or kept in a pocket.

What is a NATO 9 line medevac form?

NATO 9-LINE MEDEVAC FORMAT. NATO 9 Line Line 1: Location of Pickup Site (Grid or latitude/longitude) Line 2: Frequency & Call Sign At Pickup Site Line 3: Number of Patients By Precedence. Line 4: Special Equip. Req (hoist, ventilator, extraction device) Line 5: Number of Patients by Type: L+# of litter patents A+# of ambulatory patients Line 6:

What are the nine lines of communication in a medevac?

Each one of the nine lines provides vital information that’s used to transmit from how many patients there are, the mechanism of injury, necessary equipment to bring, the location, and the possible hostile/non-hostile scenarios that could have manifested. It’s communication that’s done between the point of injury and the would-be medevac team.

What is the format of a∀9 line medevac?

A 9 Line Medevac is not mandatory in garrison—as in a civilian setting. There is a military version and a non-military one used, but for the sake of this article I will discuss the one used by U.S. Armed Forces. What Is the Format of A 9 Line Medevac? In short, a 9 line call go’s in this format: Line 1: Location of pick-up site