What is a Zpool?

What is a Zpool?

ZFS pool (Zpool) is a collection of one or more virtual devices, referred to as vdevs that appear as a single storage device accessible to the file system. The Zpool is the highest container in the whole ZFS system.

How do I check my Zpool status?

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Open the terminal application.
  2. For remote server use the ssh command.
  3. Login as root user using the su command or sudo command.
  4. The syntax to check data integrity is to initiate an explicit scrubbing of all the pools. So run:
  5. See the current health status for the given ZFS storage:

What is Zpool import?

DESCRIPTION. zpool import [-D] [-d dir|device] Lists pools available to import. If the -d -or -c options are not specified, this command searches for devices using libblkid on Linux and geom on FreeBSD. The -d option can be specified multiple times, and all directories are searched.

What is RAID z2?

RAIDZ2 (RAID6) RAIDZ2 is a large, highly reliable, relatively expensive storage, which requires a minimum of 3 disks. RAIDZ2 is like RAID6 – allows to survive a double disk failure at the expense of storing two different parity functions.

What is ZFS scrub?

The scrub examines all data in the specified pools to verify that it checksums correctly. For replicated (mirror, raidz, or draid) devices, ZFS automatically repairs any damage discovered during the scrub.

How do I rename my Zpool?

Try zpool import instead, that should list all available pools. After that you can perform the actual import / rename. # zpool import -fR /mnt zroot zback , this should import (and rename) your new ZFS pool as zback and then mount it under /mnt.

How do you remove a disk from a Zpool mirror?

To remove devices from a pool, use the zpool remove command. This command supports removing hot spares, cache, log, and top level virtual data devices. You can remove devices by referring to their identifiers, such as mirror-1 in Example 3, Adding Disks to a Mirrored ZFS Configuration.

What is Zpool scrub?