What is an international finance Centre?

What is an international finance Centre?

An IFC is a centre operating from a physical location that facilitates international activity and operates under a regulatory framework that meets international norms. IFCs provide financial services to international clients as well as support services such as law, accountancy and technology.

Who owns IFC HK?

IFC was constructed and is owned by IFC Development, a consortium of Sun Hung Kai Properties, Henderson Land and Towngas.

Who designed Ping An Finance Center?

Kohn Pedersen FoxPing’an International Financial Center / Architecture firmKohn Pedersen Fox Associates is an American architecture firm that provides architecture, interior, programming and master planning services for clients in both the public and private sectors. KPF is one of the largest architecture firms in New York City, where it is headquartered. Wikipedia

How tall is the Ping An Finance?

1,821′, 1,966′ to tipPing’an International Financial Center / Height

What is the largest financial centre in the world?

New York
New York ranked first as the most attractive financial centers worldwide as of March 2022. The ranking is based on an index for financial center rating, in which a multitude of factors are integrated. New York had a rating of with 759 points during that time, followed by London, with 726 points.

What is the biggest financial city in the world?

New York City
New York City remains the largest centre for trading in public equity and debt capital markets, driven in part by the size and financial development of the U.S. economy. The NYSE and NASDAQ are the two largest stock exchanges in the world.

What does IFC stand for?

International Finance Corporation (IFC) Definition.

How many people work IFC?

The corporation operates with a staff of over 3,400 employees, of which half are stationed in field offices across its member nations.

What is the Ping An Finance Center used for?

Completed in 2017, Ping An Finance Centre is now Shenzhen’s tallest building, also securing status as the second tallest in China and the fourth tallest in the world. The supertall headquarters for Ping An Insurance Company acts as the physical and iconic center of the city’s central business hub, the Futian District.

Why was the Ping An Finance Center built?

The Ping An Finance Centre was completed in March 2017, becoming the fourth tallest building in the world. Measuring 599 m (1,965 ft), with 115-storeys, the tower is the tallest in Shenszhen and the second tallest in China. It was built to serve as the headquarters of Ping An Insurance.

How tall is the Goldin Finance 117?

1,957′Goldin Finance 117 / Height