What is difference between editable template and static template?

What is difference between editable template and static template?

Page created from a static template has initial nodes from the template, while page created from editable template usually has a “root” node and will have initial nodes under //initial, they are editable components.

How do I create an AEM editable template?

When creating a new editable template you:

  1. Create a folder for the templates.
  2. Select a template type.
  3. Configure the structure, content policies, initial content, and layout of the new template.
  4. Enable the template, then allow it for specific content trees.
  5. Use it to create content pages.

How do I create a template in AEM cloud?

Pre-configure the components. Define which components can be edited on pages created with the template….To view and/or edit the properties:

  1. In the Templates Console, select the template.
  2. Select View Properties from the toolbar or quick options to open the dialog.
  3. You can now view or edit the template properties.

How many types of AEM templates are there?

Depending on how your instance is configured, it might be useful to be aware that AEM now provides two basic types of template.

What are AEM templates?

Templates are used at various points in AEM: When creating a page you need to select a template; this will be used as the base for the new page. The template defines the structure of the resultant page, any initial content and the components that can be used (design properties).

What can you use the template editor for?

Create and manage page templates without a developer. Power authors can add and pre-configure components like text, images and responsive grid columns, as well as define which components can be edited by content authors.

What is cq template?

cq:template has the type nt:unstructured , it allows you to define a complex node with a set of properties and children. It’s a node you create as a child of your component definition. This content will be used as default values whenever you drop a new instance of the component from the sidekick.

How do I create a base template in AEM?

Let’s jump into implementation and see how to create dynamic templates in AEM.

  1. Step 1: Activate Editable Templates in your project.
  2. Step 2: Create a new Page Component.
  3. Step 3: Next step is to create template type.
  4. Step 4: Now template authors can go ahead and create templates using template type.

How do I create a template and component in AEM?

Navigate to http://localhost:4502/sites.html/content/aemtutorials/us/en and click on Create. This is the basic site structure created by the AEM project. Select Page from the options and select Base Template on the next screen (remember this is the template we created in the previous section) and Next.

What is a template in AEM?

What is cq in AEM?

AEM has the page component ( cq:Page ). This is a specific type of resource that is important for content management. A page corresponds to a web page holding content for your website.

How do you make a design on AEM?

Author design dialog in aem:- Open your existing page or create a new page. From side kick navigate to design mode. Click on Design of . Enter the text or author it and click OK.

What is CQ in Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect uses CQ technology to design and layout email and event templates and Event Catalog. Adobe Connect offers CQ components customized for Adobe Connect users and administrators. These CQ components can be dragged onto the template area and configured to quickly design and layout templates.

How to edit event templates in CQ?

1 Go to Event Templates or Email Templates, in Event Management tab. 2 Click the Edit templates link against Event Template or Email Template option. 3 In the CQ instance launched, click a requisite option in the left margin.

How do I create an adobe CQ application folder?

Create an Adobe CQ application folder structure that contains templates, components, and pages by using CRXDE Lite. The following describes each application folder: application name: contains all of the resources that an application uses. The resources can be templates, pages, components, and so on.

How do I create a new page in CQ?

Go to the CQ welcome page at http:// [host name]: [port]; for example, http://localhost:4502. Select Websites. 2. From the left hand pane, select Websites. 3. Select New Page. 4. Specify the title of the page in the Title field. 5. Specify the name of the page in the Name field.