What is KEKA?

What is KEKA?

Keka is a SaaS employee experience platform that combines HR, payroll, ATS and performance management in a single suite of tools. It simplifies common tasks and allows organizations to seamlessly manage human resources processes. Mobile apps for iOS and Android provide users with on-the-go capabilities.

Is KEKA technologies a good company?

One of the best company in my career. I suggest Keka to any jobseeker to enjoy the work-life and have a huge opportunity to learn every day.

Who invented KEKA?

So, to contribute to the HR community of India, Yalamanchili built the software, Keka HR in 2015. Apart from HR software, Keka also has payroll software, applicant tracking software, statutory compliance, Leave & travel management & much more. 2015 – Keka HR was founded. 2016 – Keka 1.0 was launched.

What are the features of KEKA?

The following features are provided for this goal:

  • Cloud-enabled Payroll. The Keka software automates payroll and integrates accounting processes.
  • Tracking.
  • Time Management.
  • Performance Review.
  • Hiring and Onboarding.
  • Project Handling.
  • Product Specifications.
  • Refined Automation.

Is KEKA app safe?

Keka’s availability is consistently above 99.9%. Customer data is 100% backed up to multiple online replicas with additional snapshots. Our product and operations team monitor application, software, and infrastructure behavior using proprietary and industry recognized solutions.

How much is KEKA?

The Keka software will provide access to all the core HR features. The user can also manage expenses, track time, and carry out self-service. It is an advanced solution with a monthly price of Rs 9,999/-. The additional fee for each new employee is Rs 90/- per month.

What is KEKA hire?

A complete hiring software, integrated with HRMS platform With integration between Keka recruitment management software and HRMS, manage your candidates and hiring proceedings all at one go.

Is KEKA an Indian company?

Recognized by some as the growing market leader and by others as an HR tech disruptor, Keka has become the Tesla(TM) of Indian HR products.

Is KEKA a cloud based software?

Keka is a cloud-based human resource (HR) software designed to help organizations across retail, pharmaceuticals, IT, banking, and various other sectors manage employee details, payroll, expenses, and performance on a unified platform.

When was KEKA established?

Employee Rating

Type Subsidiary
HQ Hyderabad, IN
Founded 2014
Website keka.com
Cybersecurity rating BMore

Is KEKA open source?

Keka uses open source code.

How do I give attendance to KEKA?

From Attendance Section: Employee can go to My Time >> Attendance and view ‘Work from Home’ option under ‘Actions’ section. Employees can click on this button to indicate that they would be working from home (a.k.a. placing WFH request).