What is Medcase?

What is Medcase?

Medcase is the world’s largest global network of clinicians that support the needs of research companies, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies and more. Medcase is at the forefront of democratising and commedizing access to clinician access and data.

How much does a med case sell to therapist?

As of now LEDXs are going for 600K-900K on the Flea Market. And a Med case from therapist is 420K.

How many slots is a med case?

49 inventory slots
Medicine case

Effect Provides 49 inventory slots while only taking up 9

How do doctors make money on the side?

8 Side Hustles for Doctors

  1. Real Estate. This is probably the number one side hustle doctors gravitate to that has zero correlation to their medical degree.
  2. Telemedicine.
  3. Medical Surveys.
  4. Med-Legal / Expert Witness.
  5. Review Insurance Claims.
  6. Writing.
  7. Speaking.
  8. Blog/Podcast/YouTube/Influencer.

How do I get a Thicc case from my therapist?

You can only get the THICC Item Case from Therapist LL4 in the game. It requires you to give/trade them a bunch of different items. Both methods require a lot of grinding to get the needed items. However, you can also buy THICC Item Cases from other players using different websites.

What cases are worth it tarkov?

For the most part, yes. Weapons cases, item cases, money cases, pistol cases, wallets, keybars, and docs cases hold more squares than they take up. This makes the valuable for effectively expanding the size of your stash or number of items you can put in your secure container.

What quest gives you a Thicc case?

The THICC case is a silly-sounding item, but it’s among the most valuable in-game. The item is available through the Private Clinic quest, available to Level 30 players.

How many Quest does therapist have?

23 quests
Therapist. Therapist is going to become one of your first partners. She will give you 23 quests, and the rewards include Roubles, drugs, and injectors.

Can you make millions as a doctor?

About half of physicians surveyed have a net worth under $1 million. However, half are over $1 million (with 7% over $5 million). It’s also no surprise that the higher-earning specialties tend to have the highest net worth.

Which doctor makes more money?

Anesthesiologists are paid more than any other type of doctor.