What is Navarea warning?

What is Navarea warning?

NAVAREA Warnings are concerned with information which ocean-going mariners require for their safe navigation. This includes, in particular, failures to important aids to navigation as well as information which may require changes to planned navigational routes.

What is Navarea and Metarea?

The METAREA coordinators support the Worldwide Met-Ocean Information and Warning Service (WWMIWS) while the NAVAREA coordinators support the Worldwide Navigation Warning Service. Both provide forecast and warning products to mariners via SafetyNet and Navtex as part of the WWMIWS.

How do you get Navarea warnings?

In Chartco, you can also get the inforce warning list for a navarea. To get the in force list, go to reports and then select “in force warnings”. Select the area for which you want “in force warnings” list and then click on “get report”. This will display the in force list of navarea warnings for that area.

What is NAVTEX used for?

NAVTEX is an international automated medium frequency (518 kHz) direct-printing service for delivery of navigational and meteorological warnings and forecasts, as well as urgent marine safety information to ships.

How many NAVAREA are there?

Map of the 21 NAVAREAS into which all the world’s oceans are divided. Each serves to allocate responsibility for sending Marine and Safety Information (navigational warnings) to ships at sea, as part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

Which would be the subject of a NAVAREA warning?

NAVAREA warnings: are issued by a NAVAREA coordinator and include information required by ocean-going mariners for safe navigation. They are principally affecting main shipping routes and offshore areas within GMDSS Sea Area A3, so they are not broadcast via the NAVTEX system but via satellite and/or HF NBDP.

How many Navarea are there?

How many Metarea are there in the world?

For navigation and weather forecasting purposes, the world is divided into 21 NAVAREAs or METAREAs , the terms are interchangeable.

Do I need NAVTEX?

Without a satphone, Navtex is likely to be your primary source of weather data offshore and thus invaluable. 518kHz broadcasts are in English throughout the world – which is extremely useful when sailing in a foreign country where the language is a bit of a mystery.

Who established Wwnws?

The WWNWS is a co-ordinated global service established through the joint efforts of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for the promulgation of navigational warnings.

How many Nav areas are there?

Under the WWNWS the world’s oceans are divided into 21 geographical sea areas, called NAVAREAs (NAVigational AREAs) which are identified by Roman numerals and comprises NAVTEX CRS identified by a single letter of the alphabet from A to Z.