What is product identification and traceability?

What is product identification and traceability?

Introduction. Product traceability system allows for complete and up to date histories of all batches of products from the starting materials to the complete final product. Identification and status of materials is provided by unique and controlled numbering system.

What is batch traceability?

Batch tracing is used to trace products back to the manufacturer, to special process or product characteristics or to the ingredients. Basically, batch tracing helps to protect the consumer from possible defects and damaged products. For this purpose, products are usually marked with a batch number.

What is product traceability?

Product traceability is the process of identifying and tracking products through a supply chain. It consists in logging manufacturing information in a database and following products at every step.

What is traceability procedure?

Traceability procedure for manufacturing, at its most basic, is ensuring that products produced can be easily traced back to their source. Products should be tracked from procurement of raw materials, through to production, consumption and disposal.

What is the purpose of product identification?

Every product must have a distinct identity to avoid counterfeit, and product identification allows to achieve this goal. In short, it provides a means of identifying individuals or a lot of products resulting in brand protection and product traceability.

What is the purpose of traceability?

Traceability is the ability to formally identify the provenance, motivation, and relations between engineering artifacts. It is also one of the key methods to counter the growing complexity of product development.

What is the purpose of batch identification?

They provide information about the location where the fish was caught or reared. Batch management gives food wholesalers the advantage of knowing the expiration date for each product sold and enables a quality control system in the event of a product recall.

What is batch tracking in inventory management?

Batch Tracking is a system that allows you to group and monitor a set of stock that share similar properties. With Batch Tracking you can: Track the expiration of items. Trace defective items back to the batch that it belonged.

Why is product traceability important?

Traceability is vital for quick, efficient and less costly product recalls. Having the proper solution in place can ensure defective or unsafe products are quickly located and removed to protect the safety of the end user and also helps prevent avoidable product recalls.

What is the importance of product traceability?

To ensure transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain, traceability with direct part marking provides a documented trail of each product, its history, components, quality, and safety. It proves that products meet certain standards or comply with industry regulations.

What is product identification?

Product identification is a broad category of labeling that includes functions such as product traceability, brand protection, and various information labels. With a rapidly changing business environment and constant threats from theft and counterfeit products, product identification labeling is critical.

How do you ensure product traceability?

The easiest and most effective way to ensure tracking and traceability in your manufacturing process is to use a manufacturing ERP system. ERP software can help you integrate tracking and tracing naturally into your existing manufacturing processes.