What is saccharide Isomerate used for?

What is saccharide Isomerate used for?

Saccharide Isomerate provides your skin with an instant and deep hydration which lasts up to 72 hours. Hydration level plays a major role in your skin’s health. It helps strengthen your skin’s defense mechanism against environmental aggressors. A healthy skin hydration helps preserve the youthfulness of your skin.

Is saccharide Isomerate safe for skin?

This water-based active ingredient is safe for topical application on all types of skin. It naturally boosts the production on hyaluronic acid in the body, thereby fighting early signs of ageing of skin and hair. Saccharide Isomerate is well known and one of the most reviewed ingredients.

What is Pentavitin?

Pentavitin (otherwise known as Saccharide Isomerate) is a plant-derived hydration hero. It is a potent hydrator that provides instant hydration for up to 72 hours.

What does phenoxyethanol do to your skin?

If you’re allergic to phenoxyethanol, you may develop a rash like hives on your skin where the product was applied. In severe cases, you may experience anaphylaxis. One study showed that parabens may enhance the effects of phenoxyethanol, leading to a stronger reaction. It may irritate eczema.

What is an Isomerate?

Isomerate is a gasoline blend stock produced by the isomerization unit through increasing the octane of light naphtha.

What is saccharide isomerate made from?

Saccharide isomerate is a complex mixture of hydrating corn-derived sugars which have moisture-binding (humectant) properties. The sugars are then isomerized, a process in which rearranges molecular structure to change the way a substance works and/or the results it has.

Where does saccharide Isomerate come from?

Saccharide Isomerate is a carbohydrate complex formed from a base catalyzedrearrangement of a mixture of saccharides.

What does Pentavitin do to the skin?

Acting as a moisture magnet, Pentavitin® instantly hydrates and restores hydration to the deeper layers of your skin without washing off. It leaves skin feeling more comfortable and healthier, smoother looking.

Is Pentavitin good for oily skin?

– It’s enriched with 2% Pentavitin + 1% Salicylic Acid + 0.5% Zinc PCA. – It absorbs easily into the skin (Bio-compatible in nature!) to work its magic. – It’s gentle, lightweight and infused with the goodness of ceramides. – It’s perfect for the beautiful peeps with the oily or acne-prone skin type.

What is Fluorphlogopite?

Definition and Structure. Synthetic fluorphlogopite (CAS No 12003-38-2) is a synthetic mimic of a mica-type, fluorine-substituted mineral composed of magnesium aluminum silicate sheets, weakly bound together with potassium (Figure 1).

Is phenoxyethanol safe for face?

Yes, phenoxyethanol is safe. According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, when used in concentrations of 1% or less, phenoxyethanol in skin care is safe. This is also the same standard the European Commission on Health and Food Safety uses as well.