What is SmartPay at Cumberland Farms?

What is SmartPay at Cumberland Farms?

The new SmartPay Check-Link payment program enables users to pay for gas and in-store purchase using their mobile phone or with the swipe of a card. Users also automatically save 10 cents on every gallon of gas every time they fill up.

Is SmartPay safe?

The entire process is highly secure, but it’s also true that most of the public still prefer to pay for gas with their favorite airline, hotel, or cash-back credit card. Each to their own. I only have one caution about the Smart Pay program.

Is Cumberland Farms SmartPay free?

Free to join. Free to use. The one-of-a-kind payment program that saves you 10¢ on every gallon of gas, every day. Start saving now – download the SmartPay app from the App Store or from Google Play for Android!

What is smart pay for gas?

The SmartPay Rewards app is a convenient way to save 10¢ per gallon on gas, every day or pay for in store purchases. To make your visits even more rewarding, every time you use the app you will earn progress towards earning free drinks and food. It’s free and easy to get started.

How does Smart Pay Work?

SmartPay (www.smartpaylease.com) is a lease-to-own payment plan that lets customers shop for devices, accessories and more. After beginning a lease, customers make fixed, scheduled payments over a 15 or 24 month term to make it more affordable than paying full price upfront.

Can SmartPay sue you?

Yes, SmartPay Leasing LLC can sue you. SmartPay Leasing LLC can hire a lawyer to file a breach of contract lawsuit against you for the underlying debt, fees, and costs.

Does SmartPay report to credit?

SmartPay Support We use alternative credit reporting agencies to verify your personal and financial information.

Does SmartPay affect your credit?

Does applying hurt my credit score? SmartPay is a no-credit-required lease-to-own product. “No credit required” means that, although no minimum FICO score or established credit history is necessary to apply, SmartPay may check past payment history based on the information you provide in the application.

Does SmartPay affect credit?

How do I get out of a SmartPay lease?

Log into your SmartPay account at home.smartpaylease.com, and update your payment method under “Settings.” To pay off your Lease early, log into your SmartPay account and navigate to the “Make a Payment” tab. Here, you will see a “Payoff Lease” button that will begin the early payoff process.

What happens if you don’t pay SmartPay?

When a scheduled payment fails, our system will make further attempts to collect the payment, either in full or partial amounts until your lease payments Can I use a credit card to make my monthly payments for SmartPay? Yes, you can use a credit card to make your payments.

What is the Cumberland Farms SmartPay check-Link app?

The Cumberland Farms SmartPay Check-Link App is provided by Cumberland Farms in conjunction with National Payment Card Association (“National Payment Card”). In order to use the SmartPay Check-Link App, you must have an established and valid consumer or business account with National Payment Card (“National Payment Card Account”).

How much can I save with a Cumberland Farms credit card?

Save 10¢ per gallon, every day at your local Cumberland Farms or Fastrac stores. Saving… Saving… Beware! The website given on the back of the card indicates that it does not exist.

How do I contact Cumberland Farms?

We’re easy to find, and even easier to talk to. Please send us an email with your name, type of service/product, contact phone number, email address and website URL to: [email protected] Please visit our Donation Requests page by clicking here. For media inquiries, please contact: Click here for a listing of properties for sale.

What’s new in the Cumberland Farms app?

• Enhanced Rewards redemption workflow. • Performance Improvements. • Performance improvements & minor bug fixes. Introducing the all new Cumberland Farms app. Here’s what’s new: • A slick new & minimalistic UX. • Coffee Cup-Scription™.