What is the best SMS API?

What is the best SMS API?

10 Best SMS API to Send Message to Your Users

  • Twilio.
  • TextMagic.
  • Vonage.
  • Textlocal.
  • Bandwidth.
  • SimpleTexting.
  • Plivo.
  • TeleSign.

What is the best SMS Gateway?

List of our Top Picks for the Best SMS Messaging APIs

  1. Twilio SMS. The Twilio SMS API is another great messaging API that enables programmable SMS messaging through their API.
  2. Telesign SMS Verify.
  3. Nexmo SMS Messaging.
  4. D7SMS.
  5. Telnyx.
  6. MessageBird.
  7. ClickSend (Inteltech)
  8. Nexmo Verify.

Is there a free SMS API?

TextBelt Open Source is a REST API that sends outgoing SMS. It uses a free mechanism for sending texts, different from the more reliable paid version available at https://textbelt.com. This project uses carrier-specific gateways to deliver your text messages for free, and without ads.

Does Google have an SMS API?

By using the SMS Retriever API, your app can automatically retrieve verification codes intended for your app, without having to request full SMS reading permissions. Or, use the SMS User Consent API to get one-time permission to retrieve a single verification code.

Can firebase send SMS?

You can send SMS Verification using Firebase and you cannot send ordinary SMS through Firebase. You can send using Twilio instead.

Where is the SMS API located in India?

We are located based in Chennai but our sms service spans the entire country. SMS API can transmit national network across India . No provider of API service will include SMS from promotional purpose. Our technical support team will provide support to integrate SMS API with any code.

What are the best SMS messaging APIs?

The SMS Verification API is a freemium API available with 4 different pricing tiers: Telesign SMS Verify credits vary depending on the recipient country, which can see here. 3. Nexmo SMS Messaging The Nexmo SMS API is one of the top SMS APIs out there.

Which is the best bulk SMS service provider in India?

Top 5 Bulk SMS Service Providers in India. 1. SMSHorizon. Known for its performance driven messaging services and transparent pricing, with SMSHorizon, you can expect a very good high quality 2. SpringEdge. 3. TextLocal. 4. Solutions Infini. 5. Msg91.

Which is the best OTP SMS service provider in India?

Best OTP API SMS service provider in India, SMSINDIAHUB is a leading Bulk SMS and Best OTP SMS API Service Provider in India.