What is the Chinese badminton player saying?

What is the Chinese badminton player saying?

A Chinese Olympian who was heard repeatedly swearing during a badminton match has attempted to explain the expletives as “bad pronunciation.” Chen Qingchen, 24, was shouting a slang term that loosely translates to “f***” in Mandarin throughout her women’s doubles match against South Korea on Tuesday.

Who is the badminton player of China?

Chen Long

Men’s badminton
Representing China
2020 Tokyo Men’s singles
2012 London Men’s singles
World Championships

Why is Chinese good at badminton?

Government Funding Help Athletes around the world have been known to be attracted to a sport which also takes care of their financial needs and with the kind of monetary assistance the Chinese government provides to players, it comes as no surprise more and more players take to badminton.

Why do they yell in badminton?

Badminton players yell to release stress, intimidate their opponents, pump themselves up, and influence their opponents. Due to these reasons, yelling can help a badminton player win a close match.

Can you cuss in Olympics?

The International Olympics Committee does not have a specific rule on swearing during the games. Australian swimmer Kaylee McKeown accidentally dropped the F-bomb after winning in 100-meter backstroke on Tuesday.

Who dominates badminton?

As of the 2020 Summer Olympics, China has been the most successful nation in badminton, winning 47 medals; 33 of them were from the women’s singles and doubles and mixed doubles tournaments. Indonesia (21 medals) and South Korea (20 medals) are the only other nations to have more than nine medals.

Is sledging allowed in badminton?

Players are kind of gaining their confidence level through yelling and it is not causing any dishonest against opponents. But the things like sledging is considered as misconduct.