What is the course of boiler?

What is the course of boiler?

Boiler attendants, maintenance and supervision training

Course Target group Duration
Boiler attending (coal-firing) Boiler attendants Boiler supervisors Standby personnel 10 days
Boiler operation and maintenance (oil and gas) (marine) Boiler operators Boiler supervisors Standby personnel Marine engineering cadets 5 days

What is boiler attendant course?

Job Description Boiler attendant safely operates and manages boilers economically at power plants, engines and mechanical rooms. Diagnoses faults of the boiler and repairs using all safety precautionary measures. Code2018/CP/DGT/02592. SectorChemicals & Petrochemicals. Notional Hours3120.

What is BOE course?

So BOE (Boiler Operation Engineer) certificate is doing necessary for the people who worked in the power sector for safe operation of the boiler and avoid the accident.

How do I become a boiler inspector?

(a) Must be a graduate in Mechanical or Production or Power Plant or Metallurgical Engineering from a recognized institution and (b) Minimum five years post qualification experience singly or cumulatively in the following fields related to boilers, (i) Design (ii) Manufacture (iii) Commissioning (iv) Operation and …

Who is eligible for BOE Exam?

Eligibility Criteria Twenty three years of age. b. Shall possess a Degree or Diploma in Mechanical or Electrical or Electrical & Electronics or Chemical or Power Plant or Production or Instrumentation Engineering or instrumentation and control Engineering from a recognized Institution.

How long does boiler making course take?

Duration and Certification. The duration of each level is Three months. Therefore a TRIMESTER timetable is followed, with registration taking place in January, April and August, enabling the successful student to accumulate THREE national certificates during the course of one year.

Which subjects are needed for boilermaker?

There are no required subjects, however the following subjects are recommended:

  • Mathematics.
  • Physical Science.
  • Engineering Graphics and Design.
  • Trade Theory.