What is the difference between LM3914 and LM3915?

What is the difference between LM3914 and LM3915?

The LM3914 / LM3915 / LM3916 are identical except for the ten resistor divider inside each part. LM3914 – linear steps, scaled by a resistor divider consisting of ten 1000 ohm resistors.

What is the maximum output current of LM3914 IC?

The LM3914 is relatively low-powered itself, and since any number of LEDs can be powered from about 3V, it is a very efficient display driver. Typical standby supply current (all LEDs OFF) is 1.6mA (2.5mA max). However, any reference loading adds 4 times that current drain to the V+ (pin 3) supply input.

How does a LM3915 work?

LM3915 is a dot/bar display driver which drives a series of LEDs based on the analog input. It basically drives each adjacent LED in 3DB steps i.e.in logarithmic way. It operates from a supply voltage of 3 V to 25 V. Pins 1, 10 to 18: Each of these pins is connected to the cathode of the output LED.

How does a LM3914 work?

The LM3914 is a monolithic integrated circuit that senses analog voltage levels and drives 10 LEDs, providing a linear analog display. A single pin changes the display from a moving dot to a bar graph. Current drive to the LEDs is regulated and programmable, eliminating the need for resistors.

What is a LED driver IC?

An LED driver IC is an integrated circuit (IC) that provides brightness control and backlighting color control. They are usually found in an LED driver circuit, which can be used to test an LED in order to maintain brightness and increase LED life.

What is LM3914 IC?

How do I calibrate my VU meter?

What are the steps for calibration?

  1. Set the XLR output level of the mixer to LINE.
  2. Connect the female XLR connector with the 600 ohm load to the mixer’s XLR output.
  3. Using the alligator clip test leads, connect one multimeter probe to pin 2 of the female XLR.
  4. Power up the multimeter and set it to read AC voltage.

How do you read IC pins?

IC pins are all numbered, e.g. pin 1, pin 2, pin 3, etc. On a DIP IC, a half-circle will show at which end of the IC pin 1 is. Pin 1 may also be marked by a dot next to pin 1. With the dot or half-circle on the left, pin 1 of a DIP IC will always be the bottom left pin.

What is the output of an LED driver?

The output of LED is either constant voltage or constant current (DC). LED drivers applications: 1) The change in forward voltage of LED with the change in temperature can cause the LED to burn out, this is also known as Thermal Runaway.

Do LED lights need a driver?

Because LEDs require a constant direct current of 12v or 24v, which is much lower than the voltage that the mains power supplies, all LED lights need an LED driver to convert the power supply into a more suitable one. This helps to prevent burnout and can lower the risk of fire.