What is the difference between UTF8 and AL16UTF16?

What is the difference between UTF8 and AL16UTF16?

UCS2 and AL16UTF16 are fixed length characters set which coded the characters on 2 bytes. AL32UTF8 is an extension of UTF8 to support more character families and extend to not speaking language ones.

What is AL16UTF16?

AL16UTF16. This is the default character set for SQL NCHAR datatypes. The character set encodes Unicode data in the UTF-16 encoding. It supports supplementary characters, which are stored as four bytes. UTF8.

What is Nchar datatype in Oracle?

The Oracle NCHAR datatype is used to store fixed-length Unicode character data. The character set of NCHAR can only be AL16UTF16 or UTF8 , which is specified at the database creation time as the national character set.

What is national character set in Oracle?

The Oracle character sets that can be national character sets are AL16UTF16 and UTF8. The default is AL16UTF16. Asian data in AL16UTF16 is usually more compact than in UTF8. As a result, you save disk space and have less disk I/O when most of the multilingual data stored in the database is Asian data.

What is Oracle database character set?

Oracle uses the database character set for: Data stored in SQL CHAR datatypes ( CHAR , VARCHAR2 , CLOB , and LONG) Identifiers such as table names, column names, and PL/SQL variables. Entering and storing SQL and PL/SQL source code.

What is character set in Oracle Database?

Oracle Database uses character sets for the following: Data stored in SQL character data types ( CHAR , VARCHAR2 , CLOB , and LONG ). Identifiers such as table names, column names, and PL/SQL variables. Stored SQL and PL/SQL source code, including text literals embedded in this code.

What is the difference between UTF-8 and UTF-16 characters?

UTF-16: Each character is either 2 or 4 bytes long. UTF-8: Each character takes 1 to 4 bytes to store. Oracle Database provides support for UTF-8 as a database character set and both UTF-8 and UTF-16 as national character sets.

What is AL32UTF8 character conversion?

Character conversion takes place between each client and the server except for the AL32UTF8 client, but there is no data loss because AL32UTF8 is a universal character set. If the German client tries to retrieve data from one of the Japanese clients, then all of the Japanese characters in the data are lost during the character set conversion.

How many bytes does a nchar character set take up?

When the NCHAR character set is AL16UTF16, these stored 10 code points may occupy up to 20 bytes. When the NCHAR character set is UTF8, they may occupy up to 30 bytes.

How many Unicode characters are in the ja16sjis character set?

For example, one Unicode character is mapped to three characters in the JA16SJIS character set. This means that a round-trip conversion may not result in the original JA16SJIS character.