What is the error ORA 00913?

What is the error ORA 00913?

This error occurs when the second set contains more items than the first set. For example, the subquery in a WHERE or HAVING clause may return too many columns, or a VALUES or SELECT clause may return more columns than are listed in the INSERT.

What is Sqlerrm and Sqlcode?

SQLCODE and SQLERRM are Oracle’s built-in error reporting functions in PL/SQL. When an error occurs in PL/SQL at runtime: SQLCODE returns the number of the last encountered error. SQLERRM returns the message associated with its error-number argument.

What does Sqlerrm return?

The function SQLERRM returns the error message associated with its error-number argument. If the argument is omitted, it returns the error message associated with the current value of SQLCODE . SQLERRM with no argument is useful only in an exception handler.

What is the Oracle error message manual?

This manual describes error messages that may appear while using products that are part of the Oracle Database. Each message listing in the manual contains the message statement, an explanation of the probable causes of the message, and a recommended action.

Why did ora-00107 fail to connect to Oracle?

ORA-00107: failed to connect to ORACLE listener process Cause: Most likely due to the fact that ORACLE listener has not been started. Action: Start ORACLE listener if it has not been started.

What are the Oracle Database error messages ora-00000?

1-6Oracle Database Error Messages ORA-00000 to ORA-008322-1 2 ORA-00000 to ORA-00832 ORA-00000: normal, successful completion Cause: Normal exit. Action: None. ORA-00001: unique constraint (string.string) violated Cause: An UPDATE or INSERT statement attempted to insert a duplicate key.

What does error ora-03135 mean?

ORA-03135: connection lost contact Cause: 1) Server unexpectedly terminated or was forced to terminate. 2) Server timed out the connection. Action: 1) Check if the server session was terminated.