What is the F-35 contract?

What is the F-35 contract?

F-35 Deal: Lockheed Martin Wins Contract To Provide New Version Of F-35 Stealth Jet To Unidentified Ally. Lockheed Martin has won an almost $50-million contract to provide “engineering support” to a variant of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter for an unspecified foreign nation, the Pentagon has said.

How long is the F-35 contract?

He also said the government is moving toward a five-year Performance-Based Logistics contract for the fighter, versus the three-year contract previously discussed. The Lot 15-17 contract was expected to be inked between October and November 2021, JPO Director Lt.

Who has the F-35 contract?

Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has been awarded an $869.86 million contract modification by Naval Air Systems Command to expand the company’s capability development support for all three F-35 aircraft variants.

Who is prime contractor on F-35?

Lockheed Martin serves as the prime contractor with a global supply chain of more than 1,900 companies based in the United States and in every nation acquiring the F-35.

Has the F-35 seen combat?

Israeli F-35s were the first to see combat in 2018. On March 7, 2022, the Israeli Defense Forces declassified a report and footage of the F-35 scoring its first air-to-air kills.

How many F-35 are ordered?

To date, the U.S. military has ordered approximately 2,400 F-35 Lightning IIs, while another 900 had been ordered from 15 foreign clients. Lockheed Martin has delivered around 750 of those as of the end of last year.

Will India get F-35?

The only other option that New Delhi has is the American F-35 but it has not been offered yet and is unlikely to be offered as India is set to deploy S-400 missiles. This leaves India with the Checkmate given it is the only visually stealth aircraft which we’ll have access to for a very long time,” he said.